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There are 4 types of people born in SEPTEMBER. Which one are you?

This would be the ninth version of this series. In order to read about the previous months, you can check our website or our Facebook page. September just like August was a different month of the year, seventh before January and February were added! Zodiac signs of this month are Virgo and Libra. American colleges and professional football begin during this month. In India, teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th of this month. But what do we know about the people that were born in this month?

These people are diligent. They are very serious about their jobs and always want to excel in their lives. That might be why you will never see people more hardworking that these ones. They are eloquent. They express their ideas in the most influential way. At times they might strike you as someone who is sarcastic. They never ever leave anything right in the middle of it. They need to finish it all perfectly. Let’s get to our groups after sharing what they all have in common.

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1. First group

1st to 8th of September. People that were born on these days always make sure that there is a balance in their lives. They are awfully intelligent people. You could see that even when you are holding a normal conversation with them. They are affable. They love communicating with other people and getting to know new people.

They forgive easily but that doesn’t mean that they forget. No matter what you did to them, we can reassure you that at the end of the day, you will be forgiven. Body wise, these people are in good shape. Fair to medium skin colour and black eyes. In terms of their perfect suit, most of them might be scientists, professionals, politicians, authors…

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2. Second group

The second group of people would be the ones that were born on 9th to 15th of September. People that are in this group, are in love with nature and they have the balance that they want in their family. They are great communicators. Often the way they behave goes back to their origin. They inherit their personality traits from their family. It might even surprise you how much they might just remind you of their grandparents.

They are mostly introverted people although they might appear otherwise. They are family friendly and if possible they would prefer to go for cousin marriage. They love to live in an extended family. They just enjoy doing everything in groups and cooperating. Whatever obstacles encounter them, they know how to handle it. They are the type of people that learn from their mistakes.

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3. Third group

From 16th to 22nd would be our third group. People that were born in the third group are extremists. They lack stability and consistency in their behaviour. They are oversensitive and are nervous so you are more likely to face an aggressive reaction when you are interacting with these people. They react to hostility quickly. In their love life, you can also find emotional variation.

However you act, you will receive the extreme reactions of that from these people. They are fastidious and picky. In their family life, they are disciplined and aggressive. They also are constantly looking for mistakes in everything. They know how to stand up for themselves and put their feet down. They also are very persuasive.

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4. Fourth group

The last group would be from 23rd until the end of the month. Physically, these people are different. Tall, average height and chubby, sometimes even fat! Or thin and weak or beautiful and adequate. They vary. They are looking for the tranquillity in everything and they don’t care much about what is happening in people’s lives.

They don’t go for risks and they are always looking for jobs that are not complex. They have a lucky married life with a beautiful spouse. Appearance wise they are good looking and fashionable. They are looking for changes in their jobs all the time. They are flexible. No matter what the situation is, they adapt themselves to it. They also are socially active. And of course, all these can change depending on their surroundings!
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I indeed felt that
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You're the third group
Raj Modha
Raj Modha 6/16/17, 6:14 AM
You're the third group
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Ashutosh Shriwas 6/16/17, 6:14 AM
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Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
About me its very true...
Vaibhav Gaur
Vaibhav Gaur 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
Gunjan Gautam tu aur main 1 group...
Himanshu Kumar
Himanshu Kumar 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
I was born on 15 sept
Kirti Sharma
Kirti Sharma 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
True belonging to grp 2
Sutidolly Sale
Sutidolly Sale 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
Belong to the 1st group forgive but cannot forget will wait for the right moment.
Purnima Mandal
Purnima Mandal 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
I belong to the 1st group(3rd sept).bt is it really true
Amryan Ibrahim
Amryan Ibrahim 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
That means you want to say I was not born in September and my whole life was a lie?
Surmani Konsam Meetie
Surmani Konsam Meetie 6/16/17, 6:13 AM
Except the height everything is same
Simran Patel
Simran Patel 6/15/17, 6:14 AM
My group is actually right