Published 2017-05-15
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Questions you should NEVER ask on the first date!

The first date is the trickiest thing ever because it is obviously the first time that you are meeting that person and you would love more than anything to leave the best first impression on your date. The whole situation could sound a lot easier if you guys had met once or twice before but blind dates are just something you cannot feel comfortable on.

As it comes to first or blind dates, even arranged marriage, you need to know exactly what to wear, how to act and what to ask! Each and every one of these is so important because you are being observed closely. We have already covered the things that you should and shouldn’t do on the first date. In today’s article, we will talk about the questions that you shouldn’t ask.

1. How much money do you earn?

As far as we know it is considered completely rude to ask even someone’s income even when you are just normal friends! Asking this question on the first date makes the person think that you are a golddigger and that certainly is not what you want your potential future boy/girl to think!

2. Do you often do this?

Let’s not get things to an awkward level by asking questions like this! The person who is sitting right in front of you has chosen to be there so why would we occupy our minds with redundant questions like this! These kinds of questions make people feel extremely uncomfortable. Plus, what do you possibly want to hear? That he/she has been waiting for you to step in their life?

3. Why did you breakup?

Any questions about their Ex are just out of proportion. You simply are just crossing the lines by asking personal questions like this one on the first date. Not only that, there will be a significant change of mood. You do not know where people are coming from and what they have been through! Ask the wrong question and leave the worst mark possible!

4. Do you find me attractive?

Asking this one questions shouts how insecure you feel about yourself and the way you look. We all are smart enough to finger the answer easily only by checking their reaction! If your date is constantly checking his/her watch, nodding without really paying attention to what you are saying, tapping their fingers on the desk or averting their eyes or so many other signs… They are telling you that they are not interested!

5. Do you see a future in this?

Let us put it this way. They whole idea of the FIRST date is to get to know each other with only touching the surface. You will never 100% know somebody even after being with them for a fairly long amount of time. This question shows how fast you are going and you seriously need to just ease up now! As Kriger says, "Men like to hunt so don't be a dead deer."

6. I stalked U! Is that true?

OK! It is just completely normal to search a little bit about the person on social media to see if you can have an idea about whom you are actually going to meet up with! You can even stalk them all you want but NEVER let them know! This would just make you sound so creepy!

7. Do you ever want to get married?

Following the previous items, this one will also show how desperate you are. It’s like asking the person how many kids they want when all you know about them is their name! Wygant says "Never ask him how many kids he wants on the first date. You might as well buy the minivan now and move to the big house in the suburbs yourself—he'll think you're only looking for a sperm donor."

8. Why are you single? Are you afraid of commitment?

From all those questions you could possibly ask, why would you come up with any of these!? Even if you feel like this person is THE one you shouldn’t go too fast! Give it some time. You will finger your answers out when you guys start to be more serious. To get to the questions you HAVE TO ask click on the link.
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