Published 2017-05-30
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TEST: What is your mental strength?

The world is becoming more and more demanding for everyone. Often we have to overwork and do things we do not like to meet the needs of others while earning some money so we can move on. The speed with which we live is increasing and it is not surprising that mental fortitude has become a common defence mechanism. He who is not able to endure and organize things in his mind will suffer because of mental fatigue and depression.

Mental strength is a quality that can be trained in the same way as any other skills, but it is true that some people are more resilient doing nothing, while others do not find inner tranquillity this way! That makes you think that mental strength is something related to personality and that is why today we offer a very curious test.
Look at the image above and respond: What is the first thing you see?
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1. The man

In case, the first thing you've seen has been the profile of a man, have you noticed that it has no face? It does not matter! True? It is because you have a mental strength of 100 units, which means that your mind is imperturbable. Whatever happens, even if a face disappears, you know how to keep calm and deal with the problems that arise. Stress is not something that can appeal to anyone, but you are able to bear it with courage.

You are a charismatic person with a gift for leadership. Others see the emotional strength in you, value it and prefer to hide behind your back because they know that you will be able to solve everything well and find the solution. In the case of no solution, you have the patience to wait or look for what you need to keep going. That's why you give the impression of being a strong person, like a rock.

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2. The woman

It is possible that the first thing you saw in the image was the profile face of a woman drawn in the clouds. That means that your mental strength is 80 units. You love to face new challenges in life and in most cases, you find the best way for you to move forward. Whatever you do, do not succumb to frustration easily because you have a steel personality. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you face it almost without emotion. You trust your eyesight to analyze the possibilities and look for the path to the success of what you are doing. You concentrate fully on everything that can lead you to achieve what you propose and do not stop until you reach your goal.

However, you have a small weakness that is frustration. It can appear when you do not meet the very high expectations that you have set for yourself. Fortunately, it is not something lasting and you can often count on the support of your friends to be reborn from the ashes and seek once again a new challenge or the right way to overcome the current challenge. You have a strong mind.

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3. Birds

In this surreal image, we can see a cage with two seagulls forming the faceless man's hat. Among all this, it is possible that the birds have attracted your attention for a few moments and feel that you have a strange bond with them and that they are stronger than any other details in the image.

According to the renowned psychologist, your mental strength is 60 units. What does that mean? It means that you have a smaller strength to the previous people, but you surpass them in flexibility in life. For others, you look like a strong person because you do not like to be seen as a weak person. However, deep down, you have a rather solitary characteristic with great sensitivity in the heart. You take the opinions of others into account when it comes to performing a task. Anyway, you are able to find a good solution for most of the problems, so people come to you safely and confidently.

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4. The cage

The last element that we are going to comment on in this article and that can catch your attention is the cage in which the gulls are enclosed. If it has been the first thing you have noticed, it means, first of all, you are a very sensitive person who pays attention to everything that can hurt other people. Your mental strength is 30 units and what characterizes you is that you allow your emotions to flow with ease, whatever they are. You always pay attention to the needs of other people and you can be susceptible to the words that come to you.

Your sensitivity makes the environment tense or influences your life, but if there is something that you want to dedicate, there is no force that can stand in your way. You have a powerful artistic temperament and you like to focus on the "beautiful" part of the world. Although you are more susceptible to stress in difficult situations, you are able to show the "human" face and the compassion that is so often needed.

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Venkata Ramana Cherakani
Venkata Ramana Cherakani 1/22/18, 7:06 AM
Nice. The world is dazzlingly complex. As earning more money is concerned, it is not everyone cup of this case, the more malignancy n mischievousness we play, the more money we is far from practicable in some cases
Hemanth Hvs
Hemanth Hvs 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Sharooq Shaik nikem kanipichindhi ra
Ankur Kumar
Ankur Kumar 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Harish KumarRakshit ChoudharyRashinder Singh KashyapApurv Mishra
Vijay Thakor
Vijay Thakor 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
I have seen the dove above
Rushabh Verma
Rushabh Verma 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
To kholine vanch link ma
Vijay Thakor
Vijay Thakor 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Tane Su dekhayu hatu
Anoop Abbigeri
Anoop Abbigeri 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Atif Khan
Atif Khan 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Vidisha Das Vairagya
Mausumi Borthakur
Mausumi Borthakur 1/21/18, 7:06 AM
Kaustav Protim Kaushik
Sarthak Kothiyal
Sarthak Kothiyal 6/8/17, 6:06 AM
Vaishali Kothiyal try this
Anita Sinha
Anita Sinha 6/8/17, 6:06 AM
Man is flying like a Bird in the company of beautiful women
Gautam Bhan
Gautam Bhan 6/8/17, 6:06 AM
Men then bird and then women
Smily Sakura
Smily Sakura 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
I saw man but the bird had impact...n started staring at birds ...what u saw 1st ...?!
Smily Sakura
Smily Sakura 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
Actually I saw all but my eye rested with birds !
Hem Nath
Hem Nath 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
I saw woman first! Y?
Ÿàšwáñth Vârmã
Ÿàšwáñth Vârmã 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
first i saw that f_|<!ng ship beside his head
Puru Sharma
Puru Sharma 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
Actually, you are quite correct. This particular painting is one of many spectacular works of the artist Rafal Olbiński. He was one of the few painters who used to portray a poetic verse through his paintings, which explains the surrealism in his paintings just like this one. This painting describes a man, caged by his own thoughts who never was able to confess his love for a lady who he thought didn't love him, she was right there with the same feelings but was afraid of the same.
Raizada Shaurya Bali
Raizada Shaurya Bali 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
Damn! That is quite interesting, thanks for the information
Abhijeet Singh Suryavanshi
Abhijeet Singh Suryavanshi 6/7/17, 6:06 AM
Bird....ohhh i need to see some doctor
Harjit Kaur Kandhole
Harjit Kaur Kandhole 6/6/17, 6:06 AM
Gurveer Singh Manpreet Kaur Bathla Balveer Singh Give a try