Published 2017-06-13
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10 Personality traits of a Gemini

1. They are curious

Geminis are inquisitive and want to know about everything. They ask a lot of questions to quench their need to know answers to everything. This nature allows them to learn something new every day. They like it when their mind is always on the run because they hate sitting idly. Being bored is one of the biggest enemies of a Gemini.

2. Their sense of humor

Geminis can never take anything seriously and have the ability to fill up a gloomy room with laughs and smiles instantly. It’s hard to keep a straight face around them when every word they speak is laced with sarcastic humour. Some might take what they say a little too personally, but they mean well. They have this need to lighten up any situations they are in. Find out what the rest of the traits are!
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3. They are independent

They need their freedom, they hate it when people tell them what to do, their curiosity will not allow it. Their independent nature allows them to be adaptable to any situation. They can easily blend in and adjust to new environments. They take life as it comes, good or bad, and deals with it head on. Independence comes with a great deal of responsibility, especially making the right decisions, and they like to make their own.

4. Adventurous

They prefer to see what the world has to offer, going out and exploring. It gives them a sense of satisfaction knowing that there are infinite possibilities for them out there. The adrenaline rush of experiencing something new gives them a reason to enjoy life. Others might get the impression that they are too carefree, but that’s what makes them happy.
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5. Loyal

Geminis are the best kind of friends we could ever have. They take their time to trust people, but once they do, they are extremely loyal and will go to any lengths for their friends. They are friendly, helpful, and sometimes reckless, but that’s the best part of being friends with them. They will surprise you every day! What’s life without a little bit of surprise?

6. Outgoing

Their energetic and witty personality makes them very outgoing. They are extremely social and make friends easily, wherever they go. They are usually the centre of attention, and they like the fact that the spotlight is on them. People love to be around Geminis because of their positive outlook on life. Never a dull moment!
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7. Opinionated

Geminis are not afraid to tell you what they think. They give their honest opinions, even if it’s not good. They don’t find the need in lying about something even if it is not true. People who meet them for the first time find them to be insensitive to others feelings, while in fact, they care too much to lie. They don’t necessarily expect you to agree with them, instead just hear them out.

8. Unclear on their choices

Geminis are quite indecisive on what they want. Their curious minds always lead them to ask more questions and thinking unnecessarily, which makes them even more confused. It’s not often that it happens. If they know what they want, they can definitely make a choice. But sometimes they are lost and confused and unsure of things.
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9. Self-motivated

Unlike most of us, Geminis have the willpower and the ability to motivate themselves, to do anything they put their mind to. Which means, they will always, ALWAYS finish what they've started. Can we say the same for most of us? Probably not. We will start something and then get bored, then give it up, only to start it again 2 years later. And repeat mentioned process again. It’s a continuous cycle!

10. Hyper all the time!

Geminis are as restless as a bunch of small kids. They have so much energy in them that it’s a surprise they don’t have a single exhausted bone in their body by the end of the day. Like how is that even possible?! However, this is what drives them to be hard-working and achieve their goals. It’s often seen that they live a very busy life. But no one can handle it better than them.
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Divya Akshay Jhawar 6/20/17, 6:06 AM
Oo mister...6 is true incase of others...though 2 is somewhat
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Devanshu Rajesh Nimbalkar are they true
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Each and every point is your trait omg
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Harmeet Kaur all of it is true about me except maybe one or two
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Pranav Bhoir so bored that no time n attention towards me
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Chinmay Thakkar 6/19/17, 6:06 AM
Gargi Rajopadhye isn't most of this so true
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Gargi Rajopadhye 6/19/17, 6:06 AM
Every except for sense of humour
Gargi Rajopadhye
Gargi Rajopadhye 6/19/17, 6:06 AM
Every except for sense of humour
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Dhruvi Punamiya Ab toh mere Zodiac me bhi Gem hai ;p
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