Published 2016-07-27
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His beloved wife dies. 2 years after, police officer sees their wedding photos and spots something incredible

Dave’s story is one of those that simply could be a movie script. It is one of those stories that you watch from comfortable sofa in television while the main character does everything possible to take back control over his life. It is one of those that looks good on the movie screen but probably none of us would want to experience it. It is one of those that evoke positive emotions and that’s why today we want to introduce you to this story.

The story begins just a few days before the wedding of Dave and his girlfriend, Erica. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive lymphoma. She died at the age of 30 and left Dave completely devastated

The only thing that was left were the pictures of his beloved wife. A memory of their wonderful days, few years that they happily spent together. Dave stored in his camera hundreds of photos with Erica. However, Dave was going to face more difficulties very soon.

It is as if Dave had not suffered enough in his life. Not long after those tragic events when Erica died, something happens that leaves Dave in even worse condition: in 2012 some thieves robbed him in Santa Ana, California. They took everything he had. The most devastating for him was losing the camera with photos of Erica. The value of the camera itself wasn’t important but the sentimental value of the photographs that were inside mattered. The photographs that remembered the happiest moments of Dave’s life.

"It seemed very unfair because after what I went through in life, losing it was like a punch in the stomach," said the man. He lost more than 300 priceless photos of Erica and documenting their life together.

Dave was sure he would never see the camera and therefore the pictures of his beloved wife. However, he could not even imagine what is going to happen in the months that were to come.

This case was held by the police from Santa Ana. In addition to the camera, thieves came into possession of a computer and this helped the police to find their hideout. During search, the police have also found other objects coming from theft and many receipts. Among the numerous of bills were also found a receipt from the sale of camera of Dave.

The evidences led the police to pawnshop. At the beginning, the officers had no idea that this particular camera could belong to Dave, however they proved to be very resourceful.

Looking at the photos, one of the policemen recognized part of a brown wall and a tree that looked very familiar. When they visited the neighborhood where the photos were taken, they managed to find the home of Dave Lacey.

Dave had already lost hope of finding the camera after such a long time. At first he even thought that it was a very bad joke. However, he acknowledged a detail that left no doubt: the camera strap that was handmade by his wife. This particular element made him realize that indeed that was his camera with all the photos inside.

Undoubtedly, it was the best day for Dave since he lost his camera and the photos of his wife. Having them back meant everything to him. Thanks to these photographs he could keep alive the memories of Erica.
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Susan Lovely Scoundrel
Susan Lovely Scoundrel 8/28/16, 6:06 AM
and who keeps all their important pictures on the camera?? hello??
Debbie Moore Harp
Debbie Moore Harp 8/28/16, 6:06 AM
Ads covered the text with no option to remove them. Had to give up on reading the story.
Thomas Storace
Thomas Storace 8/25/16, 6:06 AM
Who writes this dribble??
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Michael Walker 8/24/16, 6:06 AM
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Dave Patrick
Dave Patrick 8/23/16, 6:06 AM
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Michael McFann
Michael McFann 8/20/16, 6:06 AM
Stories. It's a shame you spell check yourself and still get it wrong.
Mitchell Bartholomew
Mitchell Bartholomew 8/16/16, 6:06 AM
i hate these clickbait fell good storie
Jon Bacon
Jon Bacon 8/14/16, 6:06 AM
Wow really officer's doing there jobs to protect in serve deserves this post lol
John Owens
John Owens 8/13/16, 6:06 AM
I'm just writing this to cost you money, since you wasted my time with this.
Astute Perception
Astute Perception 8/12/16, 6:06 AM
It's the man in the grassy knoll!!
'Johnathan Douglas'
'Johnathan Douglas' 8/11/16, 6:06 AM
This article doesn't make any sense...
'Johnathan Douglas'
'Johnathan Douglas' 8/11/16, 6:06 AM
The unthinkable is apparently a tree?
Char White
Char White 8/10/16, 6:06 AM
Could at least show us some pics.
Tom Bergeron
Tom Bergeron 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
Guys wife died of cancer. His house got robbed. Police later found the camera with the photos of him and his wife and returned it.