Published 2016-08-02
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His wife died in a car accident. One year later, he saw their engagement photo and realized THIS

We all cope with our life the best we can. We sometimes complain due to a different seemingly complicated reasons. However, if we compare our problems with the experiences of other people, suddenly ours become insignificant. It doesn’t mean that one has to endure some problems just because other people are in a worse situation, but it's good to be aware of it and try to be a little bit stronger.

That’s the reason why we’re going to present you the story of Rafael del Col, a man that had suffered something very tragic. As time passed by, he realized that it was useless to keep lamenting and he decided to do something about it. The result left the whole world shocked. Thanks to the power of the Internet, his story and his solution was spread.

Rafael Del Col’s life turned upside down when his pregnant wife, Tatiane, died in a car accident. It’s one of the worst things that may happen to a human. The woman of his life passed away in such a sad and unexpected manner.

The tragic accident took place just when the couple was expecting their child’s birth. Rafael suffered a very bad time and had to cope with the most complicated and difficult moments of his entire life as he had to face the loss of his beautiful wife and his unborn child. Thanks to his family and friends, Rafael was able to improve step by step his state of mind, because it was in a terrible condition.

Rafael’s wife was carrying their second child in that moment, so her death left Rafael alone with a huge task of raising Raisa, their first child. A lot of people thought that it wasn’t a good idea, considering the state of mind of Rafael at that time. But love for his child and Raisa’s hope in her father made everything move for the better.

Rafael had an incredible idea of how to keep the memory of Tatiane in their lives. Thanks to Raisa’s support, Rafael could pay tribute to his love. It took him a lot of time and effort to create this wonderful tribute for his deceased wife.

He had some old photographs of him and his wife. Some of the photos had been taken even before they got married. They wanted to remember those beautiful moments spent together. Rafael decided to create the new series of memories. He recreated some of the old photos with his daughter’s help. She copied the postures of her mother, Tatiane.

The first steps of Rafael’s new gallery were taken on his blog, just before they were spread at the speed of light throughout the whole web. Rafael created a personal blog, where he wrote and expressed himself. It helped him to carry on with his experience, and other people’s comments were small pushes for him to keep going.

The photos taken before his wedding were recreated as precisely as possible, which gave him a beautiful set of new memories. Rafael was able to share with his daughter Raisa those wonderful moments that he had with her mother.

“The necklace that Raisa wears is the same her mother wore 5 years ago”, Rafael wrote on his blog. Through the person of Raisa, Rafael will always be able to appreciate the memories he shared with Tatiane and keep her alive in his heart. It was a beautiful and original way to memorize his wife. Rafael’s story is also an inspiration for other people to do something for someone they love.
Source: Rafael Del Col

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