Published 2017-09-14
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6 Things we have misused all our lives...

In carrying out an action regularly, we get used to it and in the long run many times we do not ask ourselves or we do not even realize if we are actually doing it right. It is noteworthy that as humans we live day to day doing many things wrong while we think we are doing them in a way where mistakes are non-existent. We want to make it clear that everything is part of our nature; the mistakes, the successes, the failures, to the same success. In the article you are about to read below, we will reflect exactly 7 things you have done wrong all your life but never realized that it's not the right way to do them.

1. Sleeping posture

As you must know, a great part of the day we spend sleeping, because, this way both our muscles and our mind rest. It is worth noting that it is an extremely incredible and restorative process, where we can recharge our energies and surrender with all our potential at the moment of awakening. We recommend incorporating a good position to rest, to prevent uncomfortable muscle aches. Did you know that experts indicate that the worst sleeping posture is upside down? This is because being in this position, the back as such is misaligned, generating a great pressure in the lower back. Now you know that you should take care of your posture, even while sleeping!

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2. Band aids

Normally when we cut ourselves with a knife or any sharp instrument, we proceed to clean the wound and put a band-aid. However, many times we do not know how to put them, causing them to detach from the injury and exposing the wound to external agents. To optimally use these bands, we must cut a little bit at either end and proceed to place it on the wound, positioning the ends diagonally over each other, this way it will last longer.

3. Pizza slice

Tell us, who does not like pizza? We currently know few people who hate this delicious dish. But what if we told you that, there is a trick to properly grab the pizza without the top falling off? For this we recommend that every time you hold the pizza you must fold it in half with your index finger, preventing the ingredients from dripping or falling on the plate. How does that sound?

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4. A Hamburger

We are sure that has happened to you. You have a delicious big hamburger in front of you, and suddenly when you're ready to eat it, you grab it, you pick it up and all the stuffing falls to the plate. We have brought you an amazing technique to prevent you from getting so angry! For this, when lifting it you have to make sure to hold underneath with your thumb and little finger. From now on you will be able to enjoy that incredible hamburger in its entirety! You will not suffer again trying to eat a delicacy like this.

5. Bag of nachos or really anything

It has all happened to us when we open a big bag of chips or treats, we usually do not finish it all, so we proceed to fold it in a messy way and store it somewhere in the kitchen. After a few days, suddenly you fancy a little more of that food, so you go and get it, but before you know it all of it falls to the ground because you picked it up by the wrong side. To avoid this, we have to fold the package in a different way, as shown below.

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6. Backpack

Throughout our life, the purses help us in carrying out different tasks. From the beginning, when we go to preschool until we reach adulthood and when we enter work life. Most of these have two straps that have to be placed on the back. This undoubtedly is extremely dangerous for the little ones, as these bags, when filled with a large number of notebooks and objects that can weigh many kilograms, can trigger back problems and develop a series of pains.

Experts recommend using it with direction to the chest, in this way the back which is weaker, will not be harmed. Interesting, right?
We hope this article has served you to reflect on the most common things that we carry out in the day. We are sure that you will rejoice at some points in this article because the truth is that we never would've known! On the other hand, as you realized, we carry on with our actions thinking it's normal to know that they are not completely correct. So be wise!

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