Published 2017-09-25
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People have managed to decipher the famous "Letter of the Devil" that was written in the XVII by a "possessed" nun...

For more than three centuries, great scholars, decipherers, and several occultists have been stunned by a cryptic letter that supposedly was written by a Benedictine, the nun who claimed that she was being guided by the Devil himself. According to the intriguing legend, sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione, from the convent of Palma di Montechiaro, located in southern Italy, awoke after a faint on August 11, 1676, to find that her face was covered with ink.

Apparently, she held several letters that she had written herself, consisting of an indecipherable mix of symbols and strange languages. Both, Sister Maria and her convent sisters believed that it was a series of messages delivered by a demon, although they were not able to understand the text. Over time, they were convinced that the letters were part of an elaborate scheme of Lucifer to pull apart Mary from God.

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Now, about 341 years later, researchers from the Ludum Science Center in Sicily claim to have decoded at least 15 lines of the only surviving letter by using a decryption code found on the Dark Web ("Dark Internet"), a set of networks that are not for public use and require specific software and authorization to access. "Everything is there: narcotics, arms sales, hired killers... and also the programs used by intelligence to decipher hidden messages like the one we use," said Daniele Abate, director of Ludum.

"We prepare the software under a set of languages, including ancient Greek, Arabic, runic alphabet and Latin, to be able to decipher part of the letter and demonstrate if it is something really devilish." At the end of the process, the scientists concluded that the letters were a jumble of languages and had been composed and written by Sister Marie herself; apparently, she became an expert linguist during her period in the convent. The letter describes the relationship between humans, God and Satan in a disorderly and inconsistent manner.

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Sister Mary, or whoever possessed her, encouraged God to abandon man and leave them in the clutches of the devil. "God was invented by man, and he thinks he can free mortals, but this system does not work for anyone," translated lines said. The text also describes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as "dead weights." Mrs. Abate said that the contents of the documents made her suspect that Sister Maria might have been suffering some schizophrenia.

"I personally believe that the nun had a very good command of languages, which allowed her to invent that code, and could have suffered from a condition similar to schizophrenia, which made her imagine dialogues with the Devil," she told The Times of Israel. "That has not stopped many Satanic sects from being interested in contacting me since I published our conclusions. The whole world is talking about our work," Mrs. Abate concluded.

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Finally, the experts responsible for the translation of the letter said that the content was vague and by no means consistent. This supports the theory held by modern scientists that instead of Sister Maria being possessed by the Devil, she may have some sort of bipolar disorder and had hallucinations or just wanted to gain the attention of others...

Another phrase included in the document said: "Perhaps now, the Styx is true," referring to the river that separated Earth from the Underworld in Greek and Roman mythology, where the dead were to travel in a boat guided by Charon. Why was it written there? In any case, this decoding has raised all kinds of opinions in social networks.

Was Sister Maria really possessed, or did she have a certain disorder? Many people believe that the messages of the letter are a result of both spiritual sides, but it is difficult to prove it. It has taken 341 years to get here and read this "Devil's letter." Is it worth it to go further? It is safe? Do these computer scientists have too much free time? According to other records of the convent...

....the nun had a great record of panic attacks and fainting at the altar, as well as often exclaiming that the Devil tried to separate her from God; That has led many people to think that Mary liked to get attention and that, along with the hallucinations, she believed she was talking to Satan. What do you think? Leave your comment!

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