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Bollywood celebs who were embarrassed by their family members! SRK is involved!

Having someone who is in the movie industry does not guarantee your future in this industry as well. You need something more than that! However, it will pave your way. Knowing that, we would think to get there, all you need to have is a pretty face, a mischievous smile, good figure, or the talent if that is the case. Too many options, eh? We can see this more than anywhere in Bollywood as so many stars have already made comments on the matter of nepotism.

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For the ones that have no idea what nepotism is, base on the definition given to us by Merriam Webster, favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship! When you get to this industry by pulling some strings and you lead your way by featuring in million-dollar endorsement deals and acting alongside the biggest stars of the B-town nepotism is what you are pulling to get what you want!

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Truth to be told, not all the nepotism that happens in this industry is disappointing but not always the Kapoor sisters happen! The whole thing has turned into such a big deal that all the celebrities are commenting on it such as Kareena Kapoor who said: “A lot of things seem out of context. Doesn’t nepotism exist in every possible field? But nobody addresses that. In business families, the son takes over the business. A politician’s son takes over his place.

These are not considered nepotism but in the industry, it makes for a nice read. Also, not many star-kids have achieved what their parents have. So I don’t understand why people are going on about it. Basically, the industry is a ruthless place. It’s about talent and survival of the fittest. Otherwise, a lot of star kids would’ve been No.1 stars in our country. If there’s Ranbir Kapoor, there’s also Ranveer Singh who’s not from the industry.

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So honestly, nepotism is overrated. More than in business, more than in politics, in the industry, it’s your hard work and talent that will take you far. That’s exactly the reason why Kangana Ranaut is considered such a great actress. And she’s not from the industry. If there’s Alia Bhatt, there’s also Kangana. It’s not only about star kids.”
We still got stars such as Anushka Sharma who is where she is right now due to her talent and hard work!

Or even Shah Rukh Khan! We all know the story of how he worked his way up the ladder of success.
Alia Bhatt was also one of the people who was born into the industry and she has something to say about nepotism as well: “I think a star kid can get that first film due to nepotism. But to constantly get films just because you belong to a filmi family is not possible. I am aware people do struggle to make a mark in the industry, but it’s not right to blame nepotism.

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I didn’t plan my birth in the Bhatt family. I can't change that and today, I am successful not just because my family is famous, but also because I have worked hard and you can't take it away from me.”
There are always two sides to everything and this is no exception! People who were born in a film family also sometimes disappoint big time!
Here are some of those celebs who were embarrassed by their family.


Seems like the talent is not a part of this family much! Kajol and her husband Ajay Devgan were totally against the appearance of Tanishaa Mukherji on Bigg Boss 7! The chemistry that Tanishaa Mukherji and Armaan Kohli shared on screen was not to their liking and she even commented on this saying: “It was such a traumatic experience for her (Tanishaa) that I don’t think an experience like that can do anything else but help you. You have no other alternative but to learn from it. It’s like God is forcing you to learn.

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I was okay with it. She knew what she was signing up for. Whoever saw her thought she conducted herself with grace and dignity. She’s come out with flying colors. As far as I am concerned she won. At the end of the day, you have to understand that it is all a media game. It’s how you play it. What is actually happening inside (between Armaan and Tanishaa) is a completely different story. I say it in the best way possible that she was aware of what Bigg Boss was before getting into it."

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Farah Khan

When Shah Rukh Khan’s big project RA.One failed, instead of comforting him, Farah Khan's director husband Shirish Kunder did what no one should do even to an acquaintance. Shirish Kunder got so annoying that they got into a fight with SRK and he slapped him! Farah Khan who was shocked by the reaction of SRK said: “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem. It means the attacker has either a personal or professional crisis going on. It saddens me to see him doing the same.”
Huge embarrassment!

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Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma 10/6/17, 6:06 AM
Farah's husband deserve that ... SRK n to sirf thappad mara tha Salman hota to gaadi se hi uda deta..