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9 Theories that explain "déjà vu"...

Déjà vu has happened to everyone. To give you a little insight of the reason why this word was chosen you need to know that it comes from French and it means "already seen". To feel that you have experienced an event that happens at that moment. It may be a conversation, a fight or just making a choice that we had already experienced before. But even if we think that it can be a ridiculous feeling, the truth is that science has been able to give an explanation to this fact. Moreover, they have given 9 theories that we present below.

1. Medications

Some people have experienced "déjà vu" just after taking some kind of medication. In particular. a case related to a remedy against influenza was studied in which a patient developed a loss of relationship with his past and began to have the sensation of living experiences of this type. It should be noted that both products present in the study are still used today for the same purpose. These are amantadine and phenylpropanolamine. If you have ever lived one of these "déjà vu", do not worry, it is completely normal.

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2. Common memories

If we have a routine life, which is very probable, our brain may begin to think that we have lived a fact previously because it is simply IDENTICAL to the present. Take the subway, watch a similar movie or talk to the same person twice. We may even talk to someone we've always met in the same place subconsciously. Habits, in general, are the main cause of these types of effects.

3. Extreme Emotions

Some traumatic experiences can damage our memories, modify them and even create them differently. Sometimes we leave empty holes that are completed with the information we receive from our environment, creating the false sense that we have lived that experience before. This is because our brain always tries to complete the information it needs in the most feasible way possible, and can even deceive itself.

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4. Malfunctioning of the brain

Scientists have discovered that there is an area called the "dentate gyrus" and located in the hippocampus is responsible for differentiating whether a memory is real or not. A malfunction in this area could suppose that a new memory or even one that happened with certain "delay" could be taken as something that we had already lived. For this reason, we should only worry if this happens with enough assiduity, not for a passing experience.

5. Disease

Another of the theories that are discussed to explain this event is related to schizophrenia, epilepsy or even anxiety. Apparently, it is related to the creation of new memories, since in storing them our brains qualify them as old. This supposes that the person loses the notion of what really happens in his life, creating a great confusion and being able to give rise to the loss of the notion on what has really been experienced.

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6. Explanation of parapsychology

According to the explanation of parapsychology, the events which are known as "déjà vu" are the fruit of powers that we possess that allows us to predict a near future. At the moment we experience them, we do not give them importance, but when we become aware that we already had that information, we start to consider the reason. In some cases, it may be a kind of small precognition that unravels subconsciously.

7. Dreams

In several occasions, we have dreams that provoke this type of effects. From small nightmares that augur a fact that finally happens until terrible fears that warn us of something. This can be explained because every day we generate thousands of experiences in our subconscious, although most end up not provoking any new memories, that reflected in something that happens, in reality, we bring to our memory as something already lived.

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8. Probable information

In some cases, our brain completes situations with the most likely response to happen and recreates the memory in our mind. Seeing what happens we believe that it is an experience already lived. If we open the door and think that inside they are going to give us a surprise, if this happens, it will be something magical. If not, we will simply dismiss the idea and continue as if nothing had happened. It is therefore common that situations of "déjà vu" take place in everyday conditions and not in strange moments.

9. Parallel universes and time travel

There is a theory by which we are beings that travel in time. In doing so, our mind does not keep its memories, since in the past these have not yet been formed and, therefore, we do not possess them. But as time goes on, small waste accumulates without keeping more logic than a small image in our brain that allows us to believe that an experience has already been lived. Our body, because it is not aware of this, simply dismisses the very idea of ​​the trip and we keep it as a curious anecdote.

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