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9 Easy and fun ways to earn money...

When we want to save some money, we find the harsh reality of how difficult it is to find sources of income, especially at certain ages. But although most of the young people just ask their parents, we'll teach you how to do it in a fun, autonomous and without having to incur any danger. Thanks to this you can buy what you want and you will not depend on anyone else in your family.

1. Social Networks

Every day more people are aiming for fashion to have a content channel, either on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But while not everyone can get the huge amounts that some celebrities enjoy, yes you can achieve additional income without taking too long. Especially if you have something to contribute to the world, from private lessons to jokes or video tutorials about games, everything can end up being a trend that reports the acceptable money to your personal account.

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2. Offer photography services

Are you a photographer? Have you spent a real bundle on your team and do not know how to take advantage? If you are good at that, you could choose to offer to cover classic events like weddings, baptisms or communions among other parties. You could start with acquaintances at a good price to increase your fame and then go through your contacts until you get a reputation. Because they are usually held in non-work times you can always combine it with any personal activity.

3. Street performances

If you do not have a better way, the street is not always a dangerous way to get you a few coins. Enjoy your hobby, whether juggling, singing or even playing an instrument, any method is good as long as it catches the eye. Maybe in the future, you could make the leap to brighten up any particular party or even some stages of a venue that wants to hire you. Not a few people started like this and now they are in the best television shows.

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4. Wash cars

In many cases washing a car is a task that is an expense that hurts, not so much for money as for personal effort. That is why many people end up delegating to companies in charge to do the work. If you are able to do the same, or even better, for a smaller amount, you may have found the key to earning some good pennies. Just remember to do a competition study so you do not ask for an unreasonable amount and you will never be short of customers. After all, the cars always get dirty again.

5. Recycle

In many occasions, we have been warned that with recycling we can avoid the contamination of our planet. But if we can also do with a few pennies, it sure will not be bad. You just have to locate the point at which you can transform your waste into money and make sure you accumulate it correctly. The more points you locate, the more things you can recycle and sell, and therefore, the easier and faster you will be to collect more acceptable amounts. There are always people who are dedicated to that.

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6. Selling web content

Due to the growth of the companies that offer web content, the demand for own creations that can occupy their pages has skyrocketed. From personal stories, own reports or even funny sketches, everything has a place in the globalization of information. You only have to do a study of what is requested and adapt your style to what the companies request the market. Never making money could be more fun.

7. Resell products

If you have merchant wood you could dedicate yourself to resell among your acquaintances some products that you buy wholesale. From soft drinks to sweets or goodies any product is good if the difference between buying and selling is sufficient. Thanks to this you could get enough money especially if you take advantage of events such as parties, markets or local celebrations. You may well start a business that could end up as an establishment in the future.

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8. Selling handcrafted products

If you have a good hand for the crafts or the kitchen you could end up selling from ornaments to delicious recipes between your acquaintances. Keep in mind that with the few pennies that can cost the ingredients and discount the electricity of an oven, a good handful of flour and sugar can give rise to delicious and tasty cupcakes that would sell at a much higher price. Again try simply to locate the star product and make it reach your buyers in the most attractive way possible.

9. Do homework

Homework or support classes have been the basis of maintaining the economics of many students over time. If you are given a good subject, do not hesitate to charge for your work the money you deserve, either by doing the mandated tasks or teaching the theory to less able students and colleagues. Surely if they end up being successful, no one will regret paying you the amount you ask and you can complete your pocket with your skills.

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