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How to improve your INTELLIGENCE?!

Life's stressful nowadays and you need to know few things that will help keep your mind sharp. Your mind needs to exercise just like your muscles do. Spending a couple of minutes doing mental activities won't just enrich your reasoning but also enhance your memory and even relax your brain. This will not only improve your intelligence but it will also give you a peaceful mind.
Here are few things that will help you out.


The most important thing is to observe things in a better or different point of view. There is a lot of difference in just seeing things and observing them. Seeing is a phenomenon where you just look at a thing and it often happens that you remember very less about it but when you observe, it means you are looking at every detail carefully. It will develop your sense of attention and you will remember better!

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Learning new things is very important. This world has many things that we still don't know about and we humans have been blessed with the ability to learn, understand and store information in our brain. It is never too late to learn anything new, no matter how old or young you are. If you start learning about every new thing that you come across, your brain will get into a mode where it will be curious to know more about everything and that can help you improve your intelligence.


Sometimes the best way to improve your knowledge or to gain some is to be attentive. Listen to everything that is happening around you. When you start listening to things you will gain a lot more insight. You will learn or at least be aware of the things that you never knew. Listening does not mean just hearing and by that we mean, taking it through one ear and out the other. You also need to focus on the things you listen. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn. So it is always good to pay attention!

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We all only have one life, unless you are a cat, then you have nine. Lucky them, right? So in order to live life to the fullest, it is best to start doing things that you have never done before. Try new things and make it a point to go outside your comfort zone. There's no hurry, so you can always start small. It not only improves your intelligence but it will also help you to be more open-minded. And the fact that your life won't be boring anymore is a bonus!


Another way to improve your intelligence is to expand your thoughts. Think outside the box and be more open-minded about the things you see and hear. Embrace changes and learn to be more adaptable. It is advised to never settle with your initially procured knowledge. Address things. Slowly your insight will develop, and your brain and mind will get used to taking in large amounts of data at once.

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Talking is another one of the ways that you can improve your intelligence. Talking and meeting new people will not only help you make new friends and expand your social circle, but you will also be able to exchange each other's experiences and view which you can learn a lot from. Always try to express yourself through words. If you have an opinion say it out loud because when people like your thoughts they will want to share theirs with you.


We know you might be surprised with how exercise will help you gain intelligence, but we do have an explanation for it. Every part of your body is connected to your brain and when you exercise your body is in good health and when your body is in good health, your brain will also be sharp and healthy. This will help you to be alert, improve your thought process and be more positive.

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Meditation is the best way to keep yourself composed, calm and focused. When you start meditating, it will help you to have a better control of your mind. There is a belief that if you can control your mind you can do anything you believe in. So the best way to improve your intelligence is to meditate. It is always best to meditate outdoors where you have fresh air. Try it out once and you will see the difference in your lifestyle.

Play with your mind

Playing with your mind does not mean physically but it means mentally. The best way to play with your mind is to give yourself new tasks daily. Try solving puzzles or sudoku, these days it’s even easy in this smart world we have our own smart devices where we get a lot of such applications that have amazing puzzle games that can entertain you and also help to improve your intelligence.

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