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Horoscope for the week: October 16, 2017 - October 22, 2017


Monday is not the sort of day when you get much done. And the more you don't get done, the more frustrated you feel. But here's something you can do, no matter the circumstances: flatter someone else with attention. That's a good 'when in doubt' thing to do. Tuesday and Wednesday, you aren't in doubt about anything. You're the first person to think of the great idea and the first person at the party, in any situation, you're first. Thursday and Friday, you hold back a little bit. You have to catch your breath. This weekend, catch up with people over email. You might get a flirtatious note from someone.


Suddenly, on Monday, a solution to a problem that's been bugging you for a while dawns on you. Run it by a friend and they'll most likely endorse it. You sleep on it, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, you're not so sure it's so brilliant after all. You think things through constantly -- your world almost can't bear the weight of all your thinking -- but Thursday and Friday, all thinking goes out the window. You're in the presence of someone beautiful, and you can't help yourself but be totally distracted. Saturday and Sunday, someone wants you to sign some paperwork, but you can't be bothered.

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Monday is hard to get a handle on. You can tell what people are saying and you know what things you have to get done, but you almost feel like you're walking around in a dream. It doesn't feel disconcerting, but you feel distant. Tuesday and Wednesday help the world to solidify again -- mostly thanks to a good chat with a friend. It's amazing how much friends can help. Thursday and Friday you're conducting a number of secret missions. You're collecting facts -- possibly on a potential love interest or future business partner. It's fun. Saturday and Sunday are full of new faces.


Monday isn't great for any tasks involving minute details, but it's perfect for big-picture stuff. Plus, you're swimming in free time. If a friend asks for help, definitely do it. Even if they don't ask for help but you see there's something you could do that would make their day, go for it. Tuesday and Wednesday you're thinking quickly (and possibly talking quickly -- careful not to put your foot in your mouth!) but Thursday and Friday are easygoing. You might find yourself at a dinner party with some fascinating people. It's time to come out of your shell. This weekend, surprise someone!

The NEXT sign should keep their spendings under a check!


Keep your money in your wallet on Monday. As much as you'd love to be richer than you are, the make-money-quick scheme that catches your attention this week isn't going to bring that about. You're better off applying your energy to creative pursuits (where the chances of making quick money are pretty much nil). Tuesday or Wednesday, you have a brief conversation with someone that radically alters your opinion of something. Thursday or Friday, you are named 'Employee of the Month' (or else you're given some other deserved but embarrassing attention). This weekend, be around friends!


It's easy to see where a friend is going wrong on Monday, but that doesn't mean you should weigh in with your inexpert advice. Consider all the people already giving your friend advice, and the fact that none of them really knows what they're talking about. Be a supportive, noncritical pal. It's really a no-brainer. Tuesday and Wednesday, the people around you seem intent on being combative, but you have a sense of higher calling. You barely participate in the proceedings. Thursday and Friday are more about fun than work -- try a restaurant you've never been to. The weekend is work-heavy.

It's a great start to the week for the NEXT sign!


Keep your attention on the small things on Monday, and the bigger issues will sort themselves out. On Tuesday and Wednesday, taking extra care with your relationships is important. Give anyone you're talking to 10 percent more energy and attention than you usually would. If you're sending an email, take the time to make it funny and sweet. Thursday and Friday, watch out for overindulging -- speaking of sweet -- and try to remain neutral territory between two friends in the throes of a dispute. Saturday and Sunday are dual-natured.


Monday is easily the best day of your week -- the most fun, the most romantic, the most creative -- so throw your all into it. That's not to say that Tuesday and Wednesday don't have great things to offer, too, but they're days on the edge. A minor conflict could become ugly at this time. Thursday and Friday, don't worry about any of your goals; instead, focus on the people around you. Figure out who you want by your side and make it known. Your loyalty will endear them to you. Saturday and Sunday, as much as a business opportunity is tempting, something in you just knows it's not the right time.

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You wish you could just take off like a bird on Monday. You want to flap your wings and fly high over everyone, but you can't get off the ground. You have a yearning to expand your horizons, but it's not going to happen like that. Tuesday and Wednesday, you're a lot more comfortable in the here and now. Masculine energy figures strongly. So does creativity, productivity, and romance. Thursday and Friday, the key to success is communication. Even if something goes embarrassingly awry, be upfront about it. Saturday and Sunday, there's a lot going on, but the conversations in between interest you most.


You sit down to write an email on Monday, an email you've been nervous about writing, and somehow it comes out incredibly well: funny, self-deprecating, supportive and compassionate. Only a creative mind like yours could create an email like that. Tuesday and Wednesday provide no outlets for your creativity -- your family is top of mind, and mostly you're worrying about them. But Thursday and Friday find you on an adventure, not unlike camp. Your friends are involved, creativity is involved and romance is likely. Awesome! This weekend, check in with a pal who needs you.

The NEXT sign begins a major transformation this week!


You're a big-picture thinker, especially on Monday, and you have the sense that there will come a time when you won't have to worry about money. Unfortunately, that time hasn't quite arrived yet. Put yourself first, but don't spend a bunch of money on yourself. Tuesday and Wednesday, your mind is expanding into fields of interest you know almost nothing about. It makes your brain tingle to be around someone who knows a bunch about something you don't, so make it happen. Thursday and Friday, you make a discovery that lights you up like a light bulb. Your weekend is incredibly romantic.


You're in a process of transformation on Monday, but somehow you're not nervous about it. Change is always a weird thing, even when it feels right, so you'd be smart to take a friend out to lunch and just talk about it. You'll be glad you did because Tuesday and Wednesday plunge you into a sudden fog of uncertainty. Thursday and Friday, you're still a bit disoriented, but writing down your feelings in an email to someone gives you a startling amount of clarity. Your own words weirdly give you something to hold onto. This weekend, take it easy and don't analyze things too much.

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