Published 2017-10-16
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9 Signs that he is going to be a good father!

When you fall in love with a man and then marry him you believe that you will be a happy family with a few children. You think his love for you is a sign that he will be also a loving, caring father. And probably he will. But it turns out that you are able to predict what kind of father he is going to be much earlier. See what your man's behavior means that he will be perfect in this very important role.

1. He is not selfish

If you see that your partner thinks not only about himself but also about your needs, it's a good sign. If he is able to adapt to the situation that you are together and therefore easily resigns from daily drinks with colleagues or weekly trips to the mountains, then you know that for your child he will be able to give up the small pleasures too. He does not have to lose his independence, but you need to see that he is thinking about you and not just about himself.

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2. He is not afraid of changes

This is another feature that may prove that he will be a good father. Just when you know that he is open to changes, he is not afraid of moving or new tasks or new work. If something changes, he does not react with anger, but he tries to adapt to the situation. This means that when the small person appears that completely changes your world, he will try to be the best.

3. He can control his emotions

Being a parent means being very patient. Especially when the child learns to be independent or asks thousands of questions. If your partner is a man who does not break out of anger for no reason, he does not scream, and conflicting situations resolve through the conversation, you know he will be the same for your child. He will be calm as family needs him to be.

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4. He is firm

It does not mean that he is predictably boring, but that he does not surprise you with sudden decisions and changes in plans. Being in a relationship means respecting the other person's views, and especially when the baby is born. Then all decisions must be made consciously and be the best for the family. If he seriously thinks about life and is stable, he will be a good father as well.

5. He can separate work from life

When you see your man is coming tired from work, but he still has the strength and the desire to watch a movie with you or to go to the restaurant, that is, he is caring and engaged. A good father will be a man who does not take work to home because his career is the most important thing to him. But one who has time to fulfill his housework duties and who helps his partner.

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6. He gives a sense of security

When are you with your man, do you feel loved and safe? You know that together you can do everything and nothing will break you because he keeps his word, he is punctual, he knows reality and he cares for you. The same will happen when your baby is born. He will remain responsible and caring. And the safety you feel, your baby will feel too.

7. He is responsible

This feature may be related to the previous ones, including the sense of security. If your man is responsible, he is not afraid of engagement, he can admit to mistakes and does not blame others for what he did wrong, then you can be sure he will handle his father role well. He will not only be a good partner for you, but also a great example for your child.

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8. He can trust

As we have written many times in our articles, trust is the basis of a successful relationship. It is also a sign that he will be a good father. Because if he does not control you, does not check every step, does not challenge your decision, it means that he treats your person seriously and believes in what you do. This is the support that is needed when a baby is born in the world.

9. He is a great partner

If you feel that in a relationship you are not alone, it is a great sign. Your man supports you in your actions, helps in your duties, assures you that you are great - then he is a perfect partner. And in your relationship, you both have an equal opportunity. You know that in the future you will also be able to rely on him and that as a father he will be strongly involved in the life of the family.

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