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Published 2017-10-16
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The first thing you see in the picture reveals your personality!

Many times in our articles we have proven that how you choose some drawings can describe your personality. Your choices are affected by your character. Today's task is no different. We will give you few pictures and all you need to do is to simply answer what is the first thing you noticed on a picture? Then see what it says about you. And remember there is no wrong answer.
So lets' start!

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If a car was the first thing you have noticed, it means that for you the most important thing in life is freedom. You do not like to follow the rules, you are independent. You do like to work alone, at your own pace. Seeing a car means also that you are a person focused on details, who always analyses every point before making a decision. Try from time to time, let it go and take a big picture of some situations.

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If at first, you saw a man who is looking through binoculars it means that you are a person who does not care about details but for who a bigger picture is most important. You are an open person, who takes life as it is without thinking it through. Instead of analyzing situations you simply want to live them. But remember life doesn't mean only to skip from one point to another.


Actually, it is the hardest element to see on this picture and only a few people can do it. If you saw it at first and easily it means that you are a person who sees things that no other can. You are smart, open-minded and in your life, you are guided by intuition. You can think logically. The world has no secrets from you, so you would be perfect as a detective.

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The human's sight, even though it seems perfect, is susceptible to many delusions and optical illusions. Because of that, specialists can investigate how the image of the world around us is created in our minds. That’s why, above all, the fun is not about what the author wanted to paint, but about how easily our mind can get a suggestion. So what do you see on this picture and what it says about our nature?


If you saw a woman at first, and you are a woman as well it means that you are a self-confident and independent person with positive attitude. You have a rich interior and you like yourself as you are.
If you saw a woman at first, but you are a man it means that you think about opposite gender very often. Generally or about one particular, who takes your mind and makes emotion.

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If you saw a man at first, and you are a woman it means that you desperately want to have a partner and you are looking for a romantic relationship. If you already have one it means that you need to improve communication between you two, because it shows your desire to be closer to him.
If you saw a man at first, but you are a man as well it means that some man (at work, friend, sports team) worries you.

Psychological tests help to discover the person's personality elements; our desires, and fears. The purpose of such tests is to reveal what actually our subconscious hides because illusions allow not only to assess our ability to observe and the speed of the brain response, but they can also say a lot about our characters. The last one picture also exams that. Just look at the picture below and say what is the first thing you noticed?

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If this animal was the first thing you saw in the picture it means that you are a practical and very responsible person, who does not like to take a risk and prefer to have a comfortable, stable and predictable life. You are also a person who always much more sees the dark side of the life instead of bright and positive one. That's why you should try to relax and have some fun from time to time.


If a boat was the first thing you saw in the picture, it means that you are the person who always knows what is happening around her and is very focused on any details. You have very highly developed observation skills and you are always in the center of events. This means also that you are a creative person, who always has a good idea and solution for any problem.

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