Published 2017-10-18
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TEST: Discover your energy of femininity!

It is said that women are variable. Psychologists think that this is because we have four energies - goddesses in us. The Amazon is independent and ambitious, the Mother is caring and tender, the Medial woman believes in ideals and the Hetaira is a man's muse. One of these models is dominant in us, the other one can be easily adapted, while the third and fourth we learn throughout life. Today we offer you a test, thanks to which you will find out, with which goddess you do identify, and whose values you have to learn yet.

In our test, read the questions carefully and select only those answers that you think are right about you. Then note the letter assigned to the answer. The most letter will point to your dominant goddess.

1. You value your independence. You have difficulties in subordinating yourself, prefer to decide by yourself. A
2. Little children make you emotional. D
3. A relationship is the most important for you. You value it over work and career. B
4. You understand people and can tell what they feel. C

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5. You have no problem with making decisions, you do it quickly and without any doubt. A
6. You want to support your man because it makes you feel good. B
7. The family is the most important to you. D
8. You are interested in work and activities that help others. C
9. You are considered a wise and logical person. A
10. You are a born leader. People trust you and ask for advice. C
11. You always wanted to have children. D

12. You must be in a relationship, you cannot live alone. B
13. You are a man of action, you like to work. A
14. You are an open and trusting person who talks about emotions directly. B
15. You will defend your child to the end. D
16. You are guided by intuition. C
17. You cannot talk about emotions. People consider you selfish. A
18. You believe in premonitions. C

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19. You always wanted to be a wife or partner for a man. B
20. You like to look after children. D
21. You like to spend time alone. You tend to isolate. A
22. You have the gift of teaching. D
23. You like to feel and know that the man is next to you. B
24. You can interpret dreams. C
25. You are very independent, do not like to ask for help. A

26. You have always dreamed of a beautiful wedding. B
27. You like to look after the weaker. D
28. You are more focused on needs other than your own. C
29. Your career is very important to you. A
30. You like to celebrate holidays and family feasts. D
31. You are interested in strong men that you can trust. B
32. You do not want to do things that can hurt others. C
33. You like changes and risk. You are considered to be bold. A

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Most answers A - Amazon

You value freedom and independence more than anything. You are self-confident and have a high opinion of yourself. You are brave and gallant, you can say "no" and strongly defend your opinion and decision. If you do not want to be locked up in your own world, you have to open up to emotions like Hetaira, and if you do not want to be dominated by your ambitions, you should open yourself to spirituality, like the Medial.

Most answers B- Hetaria

You can attract the attention of men and cause their interest. That's why having a man on your side is the most important thing for you. You cannot be alone, you think the relationship with the man gives the meaning to your life, and his behavior and reactions are important. So it is recommended for you to discover and give the voice to your Amazon. You have to understand that your own opinions and thoughts are important too, and you should be braver to show them.

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Most Answer C - Medial

You are a good observer, you know what's going on around you, you understand the emotions of others. You are guided by intuition and believe in people. You are sensitive to the suffering of others and you are willing to help the weaker. But you should not forget about your own needs, that's why let the Amazon inner voice to speak and use her self-confidence. And by adopting the role of the Mother, look at the world more realistically, not only spiritually.

Most answered D - the Mother

You are a realist, you do well with the duties and problems of everyday life. The family is very important to you, you like and have the satisfaction of being caring. You are empathetic and ready for many sacrifices. That's why you need to awake a little bit of the Hetaria and let your man help you in your activities. You need to develop some self-awareness in order to develop yourself.

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