Published 2017-10-23
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7 Ways to express love to your partner!

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world and falling in love, no matter if it is a one-way love or mutual brings this excitement to your life that you have never felt before. You think about them the first thing you wake up in the morning. You think about them the last thing before you got to sleep. We all have been there and we all have had the experience of having our heart broken but today that is in no ways related to what we are going to talk about! We talk love!

The meeting of "the only one" does not always (and rarely happens) resemble the scene of the romantic comedy. You won’t be walking down the corridor when he hit you and then helps you collect the books! That is something that mostly happens in fairytales. There is a better chance of you guys eye locking in the middle of restaurant, or a bar, or while being in the most embarrassing moment of your life!

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Let's face it, girls: as much as we do not like it, most men do not usually show their feelings to others and prefer to keep some emotions before they are considered "soft." However, when they encounter a woman who congeners with them better than anyone and becomes the love of their life they tend to change even this fixed aspect of their nature. What are the most tender and romantic things to you? In this article, we list 7 of them: from now on you will not have to break your head again about your feelings about it!

1. Listen to him when he speaks

It does not matter if your boyfriend is an extrovert or not: all human beings like it when the people they are interested in listening to them attentively when they have something to say. You probably do not give an idea of ​how horrible that movie was since you haven’t watched it or any display of your curiosity during the conversations. Therefore, it is important that you be active as an interlocutor (asking questions, asking for details or comparing opinions).

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2. Be spontaneous

No relationship has ended because of a small trip planned at the last moment. In fact, things like this often strengthen feelings! No matter what happens to the idea: what is important is to put it into effect and appreciate all the moments that the two can spend together and be happy. In this way, two people can always get to know each other better and see themselves in unusual situations. Can there be anything more intriguing and tempting than this?

3. Choose a movie

One of the crucial features of a true love is the ability to reach a consensus in the couple. Although it seems silly, in the cinema you can also check the strength of another person's feelings (and do not need to surprise her with an engagement ring to do it). If your partner gives you the time to choose a movie or series, he is trying to value you! Although he probably does not like anything you choose, he will allow you to do just because he wants to make you happy ...

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4. Appreciate your efforts

Who does not like to hear compliments related to their successes? We all enjoy hearing positive opinions about our talents and abilities, although this becomes even more apparent when the beautiful words come out of the mouth of our most beloved being. Knowing that your partner is proud of you and appreciates you for what you do and how you handle them is something that can give wings: try it yourself and you will see that the results will charm you!

5. Show that you have fun

Many love relationships cease to exist because of the lack of expressiveness of the supposed lovers. In the meantime, it is important to be able to describe the positive feelings we are experiencing alongside our "other half". Proving that we feel safe, happy and complete in the company of our partner, we make him look like a king and raise his self-esteem. Do you think that for a man there may be something more pleasurable and romantic than this?

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6. Compliment

If you think that only women are worthy of compliments and admiration, you cannot be more wrong: also boys need to feel attractive and get signs of it from their girlfriends! You do not have to refer to their physical appearance, but every now and then go and tell them how much you like some of their customs or character traits. Remember: everyone loves to know that they look good and are admired! Keep that in mind!

7. Make him feel like a hero

It can be said that the idea of ​​caring for and protecting others is inscribed in the DNA of men: when they feel that they feel insecure or sad and need comfort, fun or help, they feel like champions. If your boyfriend does too, show him appreciation every time you can count on him: you can be sure that he loves to be your hero!

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