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10 "Healthy" habits that really hurt us...

Have you ever stopped to think about all the lies that human beings usually give for truths only because we are blinded by the information issued on the radio, television, the press and the Internet? Sadly, even some of the habits that we repeat daily can actually worsen our physical and mental condition. Find out which are the 10 most healthy but not-so-healthy habits! And remember, not everything that shines, is gold.

1. Drink lots of water

Although drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, in some cases consuming excessive amounts of water can negatively affect our health. Hyperhydration is a state in which the kidneys do not get to filter the water properly, causing swelling of cells that if it reaches the brain, it can be deadly. Although this problem has to do especially with athletes, it is worth bearing in mind that for the umpteenth time "to be healthy we must drink 8 glasses of water per day".

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2. Wear flip-flops at all times

Hawaiian and flat-bottomed flip-flops will be comfortable, cheap and beautiful, but we cannot use them often if we want to be in good health. In spite of the strong belief of the masses that footwear of this type helps to relax the feet, it is not completely true. In the opinion of specialists, they did an investigation on the matter and flip-flops do not give our limbs the support they need when we are walking on a hard surface. In other words, they are only used for walks on the lawn and on the beach. In addition, it is always better to have heeled shoes, even the short ones.

3. Clean daily

We all know how beautiful the house looks when we clean the floor, vacuum or dust off daily. However, we must bear in mind that frequent use of some chemical substances that help us keep it in order may be harmful. While most of us do not realize this, cleaning detergents often contain harmful chemical ingredients, especially dangerous for our eyes and tissues. These products not only cause migraines and respiratory problems but also affect the eyes of those who use them too often.

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4. Use antiseptics

Advertising and pharmaceutical giants have long been trying to convince us that by using antiseptic gels and antiseptic soaps, we will be able to take better care of our health and it will keep us out of danger from diseases. However, exaggerating the frequency of use of these substances can make the situation worse, causing new forms of viruses and bacteria (much stronger and more resistant) to appear on our skin. Although in some cases, it is not bad to clean hands with antiseptic products, it is advisable to rely on the power of ordinary soap.

5. Rinse mouth with water

As natural as it may seem, this habit that most of us humans do after brushing our teeth was criticized by some of the dentists. Thanks to the use of toothpaste, our dentures are covered with a layer of fluoride that helps to take care of them. However, it disappears as soon as we decide to rinse it with water. To enjoy the benign effects of dentifrices for longer, it is best to use special mouth rinses without alcohol.

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6. Obsessing with the subject of weight

In these times, the content of social networks, press, and television imposes certain behaviors and tastes that have little to do with standards of true beauty. As people become obsessed with the idea of ​losing weight and looking good at whatever cost, experts warn that being too thin is not healthy either. Even those who are lucky to eat a lot and still not get fat are at the risk because in their case, the fat can surround the internal organs, they eat more often than people who are considered to be plump!

7. Spending on vitamins

Various advertising campaigns organized around the world ensure that vitamins ingested as supplements are useful. Although hard to believe, abusing their amount can be extremely dangerous and cause us serious health problems. As official evidence indicates, those who take vitamins in the form of pills and capsules suffer from very serious diseases with a frequency 46% higher than those who do not go to the pharmacy without the real need to do so.

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8. Nap

This is to all who enjoy coming to their house after work and lie down to sleep for a while ... It turns out that, despite the fact it being a habit both benign and pleasurable, a nap is not recommended either. In the opinion of some researchers, people accustomed to it over time can develop various cardiovascular diseases. Resting in this way, furthermore, can worsen memory and negatively influence our mental acuity and intelligence.

9. Drinking dietary drinks

Do you really think that drinking drinks classified as "diet" will make you lose weight successfully? Do not fool yourself. While the companies that produce soft drinks with sweeteners do not fail to ensure that their soft drinks have fewer calories and serve both for the diet and for health in general, they are exaggerating. The truth is that even taking a can of light drink a day can develop heart disease, blood hypertension and, of course, gaining weight. Did you know?

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10. Use the treadmill in the gym

Although the treadmill is one of the most popular machines among those who go to the gym, and that it really helps to burn fat and lose calories, you have to be very careful while using it. The clear examples of sportsmen specializing in sports prove that by going on the treadmill, anyone can injure their joints. In order to lessen that risk, it pays to interweave the exercises on the treadmill with weights.

Healthy habits can hurt when you engage in activities that carry inherent risk especially if you take daily routines to the extreme. Thinking more is always better but if you focus on a single healthy habit and exclude other beneficial practices. This article isn't suggesting that you never exercise or clean, but rather than you be aware of the fact that these remedies, eating tips, and exercises may not be as life-changing as advertised if over-done.

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