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6 Things every unfaithful person does ...

Being unfaithful is an attitude that destroys trust in the couple. This characteristic involves lying and being fully aware of it. Being with your partner, which should be respected, and deciding to maintain relationships with other people always leads to disloyalty. On the other hand, it is normal for a member of the couple to be completely unaware that he or she is being deceived. There are times when it can be forgiven, although it usually depends on the seriousness of the facts.

The truth is that there is a profile of the unfaithful person, and that is the one we want to discover in this article. Usually, the cheater performs a series of behavior patterns that allows your partner to identify what is happening. It does not always happen as such, although in most cases it is usually governed quite well by these six rules that we propose below. After reading them, if you have doubts you will only have to observe and act accordingly.

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1. Continuous jealousy

Although it does not seem very logical, usually all infidels are afraid that their partner will do what they are doing. This is a cause of excessive and unfounded jealousy. An unfaithful person knows that he has made a mistake as well as knows what is at stake. Their relationship may be staggering and probably, despite being the first person in the relationship that has committed this disloyalty, would not tolerate that they did the same to him.

2. Emotional instability

A member of the couple is in a continuous change and there seems to be no reason to justify such irascibility. He is extreme and throws things in the face that are meaningless. The response to this type of behavior usually lies in the mental conflict that the unfaithful person has. It can be said that it is an unconscious response to the emotional situation that is going through. In short, the problem lies in the one who is being disloyal and knows it.

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3. It is dependent

Probably the infidel has always been independent, but suddenly shows a change of attitude in which he begins to need his partner inordinately. It emphasizes what you need from the other person as well as how much you love him. Generally, it usually leads to miss the other member of the relationship despite continuing to maintain the same attitude as always. The overwhelm as well as the distrust are typical characteristics that appear in this type of situations.

4. Contradiction

When you are unfaithful, it is very common to rethink the meaning of love and where your relationship is going. It also creates the search for new ways to have intimacy with your partner in order to renew yourself in this area. Changing your perspective on how an ideal romance is, as well as raising a "free hand" or an "open relationship" is a key signal to identify who is betraying you. Innovating does not have to be bad, although it is something that both members should probably look for.

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5. Need for the couple

A person who has been deceived does not always forgive the unfaithful. This leads to the rupture of the relationship, which often triggers a pattern of behavior in the one who has committed the betrayal. This person will quickly seek protection in the arms of a new partner, who is often the third person with whom he has been disloyal. There are times that a person is this way by nature, so you should keep an eye on them because they can be recidivists.

6. Search for Satisfaction

When a partner considers that there are certain needs that are not covered in their relationship, they usually seek to compensate them in intimacy with another person. They consider that there is a problem that has no solution and the best way to escape is deception. Although this type of attitude that provokes you is the only thing that increases your frustration. Without communication, it is very difficult to save the romance.
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1. Keep Calm

Before an infidelity, the first thing that happens to us in the head is a revenge. From ways to respond to the person in question to do the same. It is never the best option. Just try to slow down your actions and make your decisions in the cold. Consider if it is worth continuing that relationship and the reasons that drive you to it. If you are not going to follow, leave the other person without any vengeance, if you are going to continue to be clear to what you expose.

2. Infidel persons are often repeat offenders

Although in some cases we consider that it may have been a slip caused by a situation "of the moment", the truth is that in most cases behind an infidelity goes a second and so on. It is more than likely, in fact, that the one you discovered is not even the first. He thinks if he really compensates and looks for that, in case of return, it is necessary to take clear measures on what it will suppose the relation between both. Most unfaithful people would not accept the same action as their partners.

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3. Whatever you do, you'll ALWAYS be with you

Regardless of the decision you make, always look for something that makes you feel good about yourself. Remember that if you are going to forgive someone who has hurt you and then repeat it, you will feel doubly wrong. It tries to face the situation in front, talking with the person in question but without losing his composure. Do not try to solve anything by crying or begging him not to repeat it again. People usually act only when they themselves realize and self-impose.

4. DO NOT look for "compensatory"

Being unfaithful to your partner will not solve anything. If you get to that end, it may be because you really do not feel anything else for your current partner and be an indication that everything has to end just at that moment. It should be noted that we are not talking about couple games that may appear conspicuously, but rather ways to seek forgiveness in a completely immature way.

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