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She thought that she married the perfect man. 7 years later the horrible truth came to light

This group of six people can’t live if they aren’t together. Things in their lives didn’t go well on many occasions, but the idea of “family” had always a special meaning for them. Rachael Moore is a single mother that managed to get away from the oppressive relationship and she promised her children that their problems will not happen again. Her children’s names are: Jayden (14), Cameron (12), Kaylee (10), Zane (4) and finally the little Samantha (2).

We have to admit that the mother kept her promise. Rachael was extremely cautious when she met Daryl, her new partner. Daryl did everything that was possible to gain her respect and trust.

For 7 years, Daryl was incredibly kind, warm hearted and caring for his new family. He was a delicate person that looked with great hopes to their future together.

Rachael had three children from her previous relationship and they were able to adapt to the new situation and call Daryl a “father”. 7 years is quite a long time; you can easily get accustomed to good things by that time. Daryl always thought about his family and supported it in every possible way. According to the Moores, he was a good father. But one day, after 7 years of their peaceful life, Daryl unexpectedly attacked Rachael. The situation became terrifying and, remembering the horror of being a victim of domestic abuse, Rachael knew she had to be strong. Wanting to keep the promise that she gave to kids, Rachael split up with Daryl and decided to separate. They both agreed that Rachael would take care of children.

Everything seemed back to normal. It was a big shock for everybody to lose someone they loved for such a long time. However, their fear was too dominant to allow domestic violence sneak into their home again.

And then the most terrifying evening in their lives came. Daryl showed up at the door of Rachael’s house. He was under the influence of alcohol. He lost his temper and at that moment Rachael realised that this visit may be even worse than the last one. But she certainly didn't expect how this visit may end.

“I couldn’t believe that he was armed”, Rachael admitted. Daryl broke into their house with a shotgun. But before he even got near the house, Rachael heard the sound of squealing tyres and she already felt uneasy. She commanded the youngest children to hide in their rooms. After Daryl entered the house, he didn’t hesitate for a second. He aimed his shotgun at Rachael and pulled the trigger. The woman was shot in the arm in front of her children. Rachael lost a lot of blood and she finally fainted.

Cameron, the 12 years old boy, watched the scene with utmost panic. He knew that this madness would not stop there. “He glanced at me like a psychopath. He seemed a stranger, his eyes were black”, boy recalls that moment.

He was afraid that his siblings might be the next victims so he focused all his energy and struck Daryl. First, Cameron elbowed him and then took his weapon away.

What saved their lives was that the children started to take classes of martial arts combined with choreography, and takedown skills. However, they never thought that they would need those abilities in a few weeks to protect their lives. Thanks to their physical training, children were able to counterattack Daryl’s assault.

After losing his weapon, Daryl still tried to suffocate Rachael. At that moment Jayden, the oldest of the children, joined the fight.

Jayden tried hard to take Daryl away from his mother. Out of a sudden, Cameron punched him fiercely in the sinus, leaving the man unconscious.

In that moment, Kaylee also showed a lot of strength, probably more than she believed she has. The 10-year-old girl took her mother outside the house and called the emergency services. The police rushed to arrest Daryl and the ambulance showed up a few seconds later and took Rachael to hospital. Children couldn’t see their mother for a few weeks as she was recovering from her wounds. Luckily, she was able to recover completely even though her condition seemed very serious.

However, there are wounds that cannot be healed. The wounds that everyone in the family was left with and that were inflicted by somebody they used to call “father”.
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