Published 2017-12-15
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Fingerprints reveal a lot about personality...

The fingerprint is a unique and characteristic element for each person. Look at your fingers in detail. All those undulations, cracks and patterns are unique and unrepeatable. Unless you have a twin brother, there is no other person in the world who has the same fingerprint shape as you. The case of monozygotic twins is the only known of people with identical prints. So if someone at any time in life (or yourself) doubts that you are a special person, you can simply show them your fingers. Or simply the middle finger, which also always works.

You probably know better than us if you have watched any of these detective movies and series that are out! But besides being a characteristic element and used to identify specific people, it is also a detail that can say something very important about you as a person. Next we are going to describe to you what is the dermatoglyphics and we are going to tell you some things of your personality only based on the general pattern that you have in your fingers. Do you want to prove it?

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There is a science that is dedicated to the study of fingerprints and their relationships with other factors such as diseases or genetic disorders which is called dermatogly (from Greek: derma-skin and glyphs-carve, burn). The dermatoglyphics studies the lines, the mountains, the traces and the shapes of the hands, palms, heels and toes. They are areas without hair and these formations serve to increase the adherence when walking or grabbing objects. The term dermatoglyphics is used to differentiate science from another similar phenomenon called palmistry, that is, the art of reading the future of a person from the lines of the hand.

Now that we know all this, we can move on to the fingerprints test itself. Look at your fingers and see what kind of ones we present to you next, your fingers are more similar. Take your time and when you discover your pattern, go to the next page to know some details that maybe you are not even aware of at all. Interesting, don't you think?!

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If the fingerprints of your fingers resemble small loops in a more or less similar to what you can see in our image, then most likely you are a calm and balanced person. As a general rule, people with this pattern in their hands can be described as very understanding individuals, who know how to make friends easily and like to help others. You are responsible and always try to do any tasks 100% but you prefer someone to tell you what to do before taking the initiative. You are a very good person and you have no difficulties communicating your feelings.

If there is something you hate in life more than anything is having a boring and monotonous job. You need to do something that introduces a bit of movement and dynamism into your life. You have a great imagination that you use often, but traveling in the world of fantasies can sometimes make you feel that you do not fit into this world. Isn’t this your pattern type of papillary lines? In that case, check the following page to get to know you better.

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This design is one of the most famous in the world, but even if it is a general pattern, remember that there are no two types of identical prints. However, they can be similar and similar to what you can see below. Is this your type? In that case we are sure that you have enormous levels of energy and security inside. Although everyone sometimes has doubts, chances are that you have less than other people.

You have a more clear image of your way in life and you follow it with determination. You are more of a practical, objective and concrete person and you prefer to experience the different things of life through movement.
On the other hand, all these qualities can result in others see you as a stubborn and stubborn person who will fight almost life or death although clearly not right. You are not the most sentimental that Planet Earth has known, but you love music and art. On the next page is the last type of fingerprints. Is it yours or someone close to you? Check what they mean.

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This last type of fingerprints is characterized by creating small whirlpools with a more or less marked epicenter. Is it you? In that case you are a very explosive being, but it does not take you long to calm down. If there is a word that describes you is: creativity. You are always creating something and learning new things. Another detail that marks your life is the speed at which you live. Often you do not like to wait and you decide to do two or more things at the same time.

This means that you can be a bit unpredictable for yourself and for others.
Although you can generate unexpected surprises, without a doubt you have a very interesting personality.
What do you think about this little test? What is your fingerprint? Is it one in particular and similar to the ones we have described, or rather is it a mixture between two types?

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