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They entered the mansion of Michael Jackson and found many strange things...

When people are thinking about the character of Peter Pan today, sooner or later the figure of the King of Pop comes to their mind. The only and unique Michael Jackson, who died at 50 years of age due to cardiac arrest for many became a symbol of a man who never wants to grow up. During his long career, he did a lot to help the children. Several of his songs and works referred to children and, himself, he was also the owner of a ranch called "Neverland" (that is, named in honor of the country of "Neverland", invented by the author of the book about the famous young man who never wanted to be an adult, JM Barrie).

For his whole life, Michael Jackson seemed to live in his own world. No matter how many controversies happened to him or because of him. Jackson's fans always believed that he is simply super sensitive and naive as a child. Recently, four photographers dared to pass the guards of the MJ mansion and entered his old home in order to take pictures that have been never seen before. Now you can also take a look... Some are really extraordinary.

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Although many people criticized the artist for having created this ranch, calling it ostentatious and too bombastic, the truth is that the main entrance to the place impresses us with its size and style. When passing through it, we come across even more shocking things, for example, with this huge emblem that is repeated almost everywhere on the farm. A drawing of what appears to be a blue Peter Pan with a pretty retro design. MJ fascination about this character is very obvious...

Some important elements at the ranch are dozens of statues, monuments, and figurines that represent the fairies. Without a doubt - and despite the bad reputation that was gained during the judicial proceedings against the successful singer - in the past, this place must have been a paradise for the little dreamers. For sure it was designed for this purpose. A personalized corner that made visitors feel like in children's story they never want to leave.

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Speaking of Michael's legal problems, it's worth mentioning a special person. Tom Sneddon, his main accuser during the lawsuits related to the alleged abuse of minors... Although the King of Pop had never been convicted of anything, the man in question became the number one enemy of the vocalist. The musician dedicated to him even one of the songs released in the album HIStory: Past, Present, and Future: "D. S.".
In this photo, we see a magazine covering the old letters sent by the fans of Jackson. Of course, the person you see on the cover is Tom Sneddon. The face that came to light in the singer's house surprised the photographers.

In spite of the sentence that declared Michael Jackson innocent, some people continue to give faith to the accusations launched years ago towards the singer. Going through the mansion, to tell the truth, it is difficult not to lean a bit towards his opinion. While we all know that Jackson put all his effort into helping the children, the details like this knocker that represents two small kissing ones could quietly testify against him ... Or, at least, scare you!

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From the first years of his life, MJ loved visiting amusement parks. Even when he was an adult man, he liked to ride the carousels... Realizing his dream of having the Neverland Country for his own, the singer built a park like that on his farm. There, its visitors could not only take the opportunity to enter a free cinema but also use a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster or some bumper cars. Everything that surrounded the magic of the mansion was designed to make children feel like in a true paradise, true Neverland...

The statues of the children raised along and across the entire terrain make one think about the innocence and joy related to being a child. The young guests of Michael Jackson surely felt very comfortable not only in the company of the singer but surrounded also by so many wonders. For sure among his fans, there were people who have changed and did anything to be near this idol, at least once.

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Once we mention the existence of the artist's private cinema, we can show you a picture of it. In this beautiful room, the most famous singer in the world had fun watching movies (alone or accompanied), music clips or putting on stagings. He even had his own theatrical stage. This room even today can arouse envy despite the fact that more than 8 years have passed since Jackson's sad death. Apparently, no expense was spared when decorating his dream house.

Finally, you can see how much fun it was to stay at Neverland with Michael Jackson, watching the video below. In addition, to the gallery attached to this article in the clip, you can see what Michael Jackson's ranch looks like during the day. Would you like to visit it? Many fans from around the world are signing a petition to bring back to the Neverland the function Michael Jackson dreamed of - a place of joy for children who are hurt by fate. But in 2015, the ranch was put up for sale for $100 million.

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