Published 2017-12-28
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10 Traits MAY borns are known for

It is very popular to believe that the month of birth can determine the characteristics of people and their behavior. In today's article, we will show you what distinguishes individuals born in MAY from others...

1. They are hard-working
May borns are ambitious and very devoted to what they believe in. They work very hard to achieve their goals and dreams. This is what makes them quite successful, and others respect their determination to do things properly and wholeheartedly.

2. They are emotional

People born in May are very sensitive. They are affected at any occasion. People born in this month have very strong feelings and can even relate to what others are going through. On the other hand, it is easy to make them angry, because of their sensitivity, they are short-tempered. Fortunately, most of them do know how to deal with it properly.

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3. They are restless

Actually, not in a bad way. May borns are simply as restless as small kids. They are very active and are full of energy and you would never see they tired or exhausted. You might only see them having a busy life. But that energy helps them to work hard and achieve the goals they have planned. People born in this month are the best in using their power to make their dreams come true.

4. They love to travel

These people are a born travelers. They have a strong passion towards seeing the world, knowing other cultures, meeting different kinds of people and most of all, making memories that last a lifetime. Their energy doesn't allow them to stay in one place, instead, it makes them see new opportunities by discovering the world. However, they usually prefer to travel on their own as they never want to be dependent on others.

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5. They are stubborn

People born in May seem to be headstrong. As we said, they are very devoted to what they do, so many times they do not listen to others and when they believe in something they do it their own way. They can debate with you for hours to come to prove their point and that they are right. This trait together with independence, makes them difficult for others to talk to them about something they have a different opinion on.

6. They are money spenders

May borns love to spend their money. They are known for their extravagant behavior. But they are not stingy. They can buy a lot of things for themselves and for the people they love. They do not spend money on small gifts. They like to make an impression. However, they always are able to save some money. Even if they spend a lot, they also know how to save!

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7. They are reasonable

People born in May know exactly what their strength is and what they are capable of. That's why even if they have big dreams, they always set realistic goals for themselves; one they know they can achieve. No matter how far and bold their aspirations are, they still know what is logical and reasonable. This all allows them to put in time and effort on what’s important.

8. They are self-motivated

Maybe this is because of their stubbornness or maybe their hard-working attitude, but people born in May have the great willpower and the ability to motivate themselves to do anything they put their mind to. They are very engaged in what they do, and they always finish what they have started. They do not pay attention to what others say and keep doing what they believe is good. This is probably how they achieve they goals and never give up.

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9. They like to be in spotlight

People born in May love to be the center of attention more than anything in this world. They always feel good in the spotlight and know what to do to be there. Actually, they don’t even have to try hard to be noticed. Everyone likes them and are attracted to them naturally because of their personality. Their positive vibe makes others want to be around them and make friends easily.

10. They love art

People born in May are very sensitive to what is artistic and beautiful. This is just one of the many things they are passionate about, also they can use their creative skills to be successful. They have a great sense of fashion or design. Or they like photography. Their right-side of the brain is dominant, which also reflects their personality.

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