Published 2016-08-10
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These 3 sisters give world a reason to talk about because of their profession

We love to share with you stories that concern common people. We all have our own adventures to experience and every story of each person is very exciting. In fact, we feel impressed by every person that does something amazing in life and it doesn’t really matter what it is. There are specialists in so many unthinkable fields, for example people who can look inside of things or can make decorations out of garbage.

Today we're going to present you 3 incredible women. They are lately number one topic on the Internet because of the profession they share on everyday basis. Undoubtedly, they are a great example of people that may inspire others.
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The three women are: Leila, Liina and Lily. As you can see they are triplets. They’re not only almost identical, but their names are so similar that it's very difficult to guess who is who. It's definitely a challenge for people who live with them. The girls are 30 years old and they live in Estonia, a small country in Eastern Europe.

What’s so impressive about these women? They are going to be the first triplets that will participate in an Olympic event. These three girls have managed to classify for the biggest sport event in the world and will test their condition in the 42-kilometer marathon.

They're almost impossible to distinguish, especially when they run together. They’re look like the same person! Would you like to know a curious fact?

Due to their almost exact look, the Estonian Federation has asked them to put their names on the backs of their t-shirts while taking part in sport events, for example in the European Tournament in Zurich in 2014. Only with their names written on t-shirts people were able to recognize them. In fact, we're not sure if that helped at all since their names sound identical.
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It’s worth mentioning that it doesn't happen often that athletes have to put their names at the back of their clothing. It’s more common in football or basketball, but it's rather rare in other sports.

Another interesting fact about these awesome girls is that they all can complete the marathon (it’s already a success!!!), and apart of that they really have a great results!

Out of three, Leila is the fastest and her score is 2.37 minutes. She achieved that time in Shanghai in 2013. Unfortunately, due to an injury she was unable to take part in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Liina, apart of being a runner, is also a dancer. She scored 2.39 minutes in Beijing in 2015. The last sister, Lily, has also nothing to be ashamed of as her time for the classifying round for Brazil was her personal record. Her previous record was 2.40 minutes scored in Valencia in 2015.

Lily says that she's very happy that the three of them may run together in the Olympic Games in Brazil. As Lily comments: “The time of classifying was very demanding and avoiding setbacks was complicated”.

Now we all have to watch how the sisters will cope with the kilometres. We have great reasons to support Estonia in the Olympic Games due to their dedication, effort and personal charm.
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