Published 2018-02-12
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Princess Diana's "daughter" reveals the truth about Prince Charles 24 years later...

It's been around 25 years since Lady Di visited India. She was captivated by the magnificent monuments as well as people. It was the year 1992 and the Princes of Wales made one of her royal tours. It was the month of February and both members of royalty left several images that would make history. Totally opposite sensations were what both projected to the public. They posed before the cameras trying to pretend that they were a complementary couple, although this was far from reality.

It should be noted that this situation was due to the fact that the marriage was not going through its best moment. Both had their two descendants, William and Harry. The scandal began when the little one of these began to have red-haired features. This characteristic produced suspicions, nevertheless, it was the real house itself that confirmed that this was genetic inheritance on the part of Prince Charles, thus resolving all the gossip that had been initiated at this time.

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A photo in front of the Taj Mahal where only Princess Diana posed also made the gossip begin. On the other hand, this was not the reason that moved the planet, but there was another endearing image. In this photograph that went around the world, Diana of Wales appeared next to a 3-year-old girl who had stolen her heart upon seeing her. His name is Avanti Reddy and the princess told her "I do not have daughters. So for today, you are my daughter."

That young lady is now 28 years old and after a lot of searching for her, at last, the media has found her and they have managed to tell her story to the world. If something has been clear is that Lady Di today would be very proud of this beautiful girl who is now a teacher of primary and dance classes. The most wonderful thing of all has been the confession that the young woman has made to the press. Apparently, they shared correspondence, for some years they sent a series of letters that the young girl showed everyone excited.

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"I read her biographies and I wanted to have hair like her, but you cannot become Princess Diana. I greatly admire the work she did for charity and all the things she did for the poor children and the people with leprosy." These were the words that the young woman declared when she remembered that day. Lady Di showed her most supportive side personally and through the magazines, the young woman could follow all the charitable works and solidarity events in which her "mother for a day" participated.

The 3-year-old girl had a cold at that moment and the Princess did not hesitate to use her personal tissue to blow her nose, just as she would have done if it were her children. She sat the girl on her knees and took care of her while this event took place. Avanti still keeps at home the portrait of both and fondly remembers how they planned a new meeting in 1997 when they would wear the typical clothes of the Hindu dances along with their corresponding makeup.

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The catastrophe happened then and the long-awaited encounter could never take place. Avanti recognizes that she was too small to remember in detail everything that happened that day, in fact of all the children who danced for the Princes, she was the youngest. Still, there is something that came to her heart, that moment when Lady Di told her she was not going to leave her alone. In those moments she was so motherly to her that she will never be able to erase that feeling that continues to shake her.

When Princes of Wales have come to India, the young Avanti has not been able to be present, however, she has said that she would love them to come to her house and to have tea. For this young lady, Prince William's mother has meant a lot and therefore does not need more to warmly welcome him and his wife into their home. An unfortunate image was the one that took Prince Charles to whom he said he transmitted "bad vibes." Without wanting to judge him, she simply said: "he does not like it".

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The problem that was dragging the marriage between Prince Charles and Lady Di had roots in the very youth of the aspirant to the Throne of the United Kingdom. Apparently, she would have suffered constant pressure to contract a marriage following the habits and customs of the strict family, which included an unwritten rule in which this should be with a virginal woman or at least it seemed. Due to the advanced age that Carlos already had, he forced to find his partner in someone much younger. This was one of the first conflicts.

Although the age difference was considerable, 13 years, it was more the lack of points in common which favored a mutual incomprehension. They barely had friendships in common, a fact that made them distance themselves enormously, adding that they did not share topics of interest or hobbies either. Before starting the marriage directly he seemed doomed to failure. Yet both tried to make the relationship work by leaving the possibility that in the future they would love each other. Unfortunately, even more, terrible events were going to happen in the relationship.
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When the relationship seemed to have a very difficult start, Princess Diana's mood swings played a decisive role. Carlos had to face problems for which he was not emotionally prepared and to which he was driven by the speed of marriage. This push was rooted in a letter he received from his own father in which it was made clear that it would be a serious lack of honor if he did not marry immediately. The lack of love was an accelerant for what happened next.

In the middle of the nest of problems made what would be the true love of Carlos, Camilla Parker Bowles. This woman, a member of the English high nobility, would have married a friend of the Prince, but showed a very special approach and affection with him. The private conversations, the emotional moments together and the lack of security that Diana suffered led to a real war of jealousy with the new candidate. The end of their marriage was very close.
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Being a much calmer person, closer and showing a greater attachment to the figure of Carlos, Camilla won the heart of the aspirant to the throne. Unfortunately, it also provoked strong attacks of anger to the Princess, leading her to suffer episodes where she tried to take her own life, self-harm or even suffer from mental illness related to eating disorders. This led them to separate their lives, first sleeping in separate beds and, later, in different rooms.

Friends of the enclosed environment of Diana came to announce that this one listened as Carlos maintained conversations between murmurs with Camilla, arriving to give him gifts like jewels with personalized recordings. This motivated the young woman had several lovers in the environment of the nobility, with instructors and military, in a last attempt to get the attention of someone who already despised openly with different mourners as "the one who was never going to govern" or "the great white hope." Finally, everything ended in tragedy for her and in a marriage with the love of a lifetime for him.

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