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Clothes and accessories that ATTRACT MEN when women wear them!

If you want to please your man or to catch the attention of someone you like here are some tricks that may help you with that. Try them out and he will be very happy!

No makeup
Girls might find this strange but most of the guys find it very attractive when they see a girl without makeup. You might be very confused by this but it is a fact. Most of the men like to see the genuine you, not the improved adaptation of you. Despite the fact that you can choose nowadays there is a lot of cosmetics that can improve your look. Remember that ideal man for you thinks seeing your delightful face is exceptionally engaging.


We can assure you that there is nothing nerdy if young ladies are wearing glasses. Actually, it is quite opposite. Furthermore, with the correct frame, you can even look better and more attractive. Not just does wearing glasses make you look more brilliant and brainy, it is like a fantasy fulfilled. You make a mysterious impression, and men want to know about you more and more.

You will be surprised what kind of pants make him be in love with you...

Leather jacks

There is no man who would not like the leather jacket. The women's leather jacket is the opposite of the delicate girlish outfit, adds a claw and is very attractive. It means that woman feels good in her body; you are youthful, wild and have a free identity. The leather jacket with a tight dress and red lipstick makes the perfect outfit that every guy would notice.

Yoga pants

Although it seems very surprising for women, men love them in yoga outfits. Do you wonder why? The answer is so simple. This outfit is tight and emphasizes all feminine shapes. They impeccably show your body and makes you look more athletic than you think. Also, it shows that woman feels good with her body and that she takes care of the health.

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Although most men cherish long hair on ladies, and it is said that this is the most desired type of hairstyle, there is a big group of guys who have a feeling that girls look cute when they have a ponytail. How can it be? This is because thanks to this hairstyle man can see the entire female's face and the neck, which makes also women taller and more attractive.

Specific colour

Men are visualizers. If you want to draw their attention to you, you must sometimes stand out by color. Especially if you are wearing the red dress it is a great degree of tempting. And if you remember the movie "Walk of Shame", where Elisabeth Bank was wearing a yellow dress then you know what we mean. But it is said that most guys like blue and red colors a lot.

Does he like you with heels or without them?

Sports Jerseys

As with yoga pants, this outfit emphasizes the figure and shapes. Most of the guys love sports, no matter what kind it is, so if you wear a sports outfit it means that you carefree and cool. Being such a person makes that man simply like to be around you. So do not be afraid sometimes to wear a sports vest or sports top, he will definitely like it.


Of course, we know the high heels always have and will be the trademark of women's footwear style, but it seems that men don't have a problem if you wear normal shoes. They make you look more congenial, sensible and of a veritable sort, especially in daily situations. And they also look great with dresses or shorts. So even if they don't make guys go crazy about you, man will like you in sneakers as well.

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Men like when women enjoy their femininity and can show it. There is no better way to do it like summer. Therefore, guys like sundresses. They allow them to see feminine shapes because they cover little. They make you look free and give you the youthful stylish appearance. They are the best when you wear them for a beach party or some nice pool party.

Men’s clothes

It is not so much to wear too big clothes or clothes after your big brother. But there are situations when wearing up a man's shirt only stimulates his imagination and makes you attractive as never before. According to many sources, guys actually love it when they see a girl in men’s clothes. You certainly know it from your own experience.

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Arey those tight gym/yoga pants you tell me to wear Ankur
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Good frame bhi likha tha beta khush na ho jyada
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