Published 2016-08-10
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You have been eating your SANDWICH WRONG for all your life

If we ask a question: “Who haven’t eaten a sandwich in the entire life?”, probably nobody will raise their hand. The truth is that we reach for the most common snack which is sandwich as a consequence of laziness or haste. And now when that many countries have the financial problems, sandwiches became the basic meal for a lot of people. In this crazy world we're looking for an easy and quick form of eating meals.

We all know that sandwich is not the best option for an everyday meal. However we shouldn't underestimate this snack because if we prepare it nicely, add to it some vegetables and other balanced products, sandwich can be a wholesome meal. But are you sure that you know how to eat it properly?
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There are some basic rules to follow to be able to eat sandwich in a proper manner. In this article we will show you an acceptable way to do so and we promise that you will avoid those huge and greasy stains on your clothes.

1. Let’s prepare lunch

As you all can see, this is a true sandwich. All we know about sandwiches is that our mums used to prepare them for us to school. It might have been a bread, with or without crust, with cheese or ham, and some sauce that always stained our paper bag.
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2. You’re doing it wrong

You've been eating sandwiches your whole life. But… did you know that you've been doing it in a wrong way? OK, let's agree that there isn't one "correct" way of eating sandwiches but we know a nice trick that you’re certainly missing.

3. A moment to think about life

Fortunately, one of the users of Imgur made us to rethink the subject of sandwiches. The dilemma is how to grab a sandwich! You are so excited about it and you give it a first, glorious bite. That's the moment when your heart stops. Mayo, ketchup or mustard are all over the place.

4. Let chips fall wherever they want

If you are one those that like crisps, you’ve probably tried them at least once with a sandwich. It’s a quite fair combo. But from now on it will become an even better combo when you change your habits of eating sandwiches.

5. Wrap it up!

You have your bag of crisps. That’s the first step. The second one is to let them go. No, we are not crazy. Trust us. Crisps will be delighted to fall onto the sandwich wrapping and you won’t need to put your hand to the bag and get dirty.

6. Drum rumble

Keeping your hands clean is surely a nice thing. But the next part is to change your sandwich eating experience for good...

7. Put it in the bag

Are you ready? You sure you're ready? Grab the emptied bag and put your sandwich inside. We know. Breathe slowly and watch the new horizons that open in the front of your eyes. And that's everything thanks to just little change in eating sandwiches.

8. Celebrate victory!

Now that you’re out there and you gained this knowledge, you can have your favorite sandwich like you have never had before! NOT A SINGLE STAIN of sauce on your clothes :) Sounds good, doesn't it?
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