Published 2018-02-21
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10 Relationship moments which are the best and worth remembering!

Being in a relationship with your other half is not always that easy. However, there are some moments in your lives that are to remember. Here in this article, we suggest 10 best memorable moments in a relationship.

1. That first awkward, nervous pause just before the first kiss
Your first kiss says, "I like hanging out with you, but I also want to make out with you all the time. Let's go to the next level." Sure, sometimes it comes to the first kiss spontaneously and naturally and there is nothing to worry about. But in a less ideal world, it also happens that you have to initiate it. And stress occurs. The good news is that when the chemistry is between the partners, the kiss always goes perfectly.

2. Waiting for the other half to come back

From the telephone call "I'm waiting for you" by picking up from the station to purposely going to sleep later - to be able to lie down together - waiting for someone has special power, because he says: "You are important to me", "I think about you," I want You are to be." It is not about destroying your life - because suffering does not ennoble - but about actively demonstrating your interest and holding an important ritual: greeting and saying goodbye. The brain, following the effects of priority and freshness, best remembers what it experiences at the beginning and end.

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3. Feeding each other

This is a guaranteed return to childhood. As small children, we were fed by parents. Feeding is associated with a sense of security, with an expression of love and care, it can also be a reason for jokes. It is so intimate that adults - contaminated with the conviction that they "do not fall out" - approach this idea even defensively, mocking it. Why? Because they are ashamed of intimacy. But it does not change the fact that cooking for someone and giving them food expresses a lot of care and care is a building block for the home of marriage.

4. Talking, touch, compliment

Every day, take a few moments to talk about each other. What's up? What have you learned today? What did you discover? Every day, touch your partner a few times - hugging, kissing, etc. Every day, tell him/her a few warm words, noting the positives. You will feel noticed, important to yourself, beloved. These small behaviors in the long term mean a lot.

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5. Being an example for children

If the marriage does not work, children have no place to take positive patterns. How you treat your wife is telling your son how to treat your partner in the future. And for the daughter - what men want to find. Adequate for women. Do you give good patterns to your child as a wife? Do you want to see such a picture of yourself in your child's future partner? Children learn by seeing the live material, that is, you in action. So make sure that you give an example that you would like to get.

6. We instead of Me and You

When Brad Pitt got involved with Angelina Jolie, the media hailed their relationship as Brangelina. From then on, he started to bet on more ambitious roles with an idol, and she - to do more to do charitable work and to be a model of deeper values (aka preventive mastectomy that signals the world that health is more important than beauty). Both grow thanks to the union because this is more important than each of them separately. Thinking in terms of "what we, as a relationship, will gain from it" (instead of "what I will have of it") builds a strong foundation on which partners can base in difficult times. A strong marriage will survive strong storms.

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7. Pulling out clothes from the washing machine, for example

There are times when she does not want to. Because she is tired because she wants to get married because the couch is so comfortable ... Or he does not want to go down to the mailbox. Then, guided by pure altruism, you do what the other side does not want. Why? Because you respect it and take over the reins. This will give you a better sense of well-being and gratitude on the other side. And gratitude generates a willingness to reciprocate.

8. Going on dates

No matter what excuse you will have: there is nothing interesting in the cinema, I do not have time, it is better to sit at home, etc., it does not change the fact that you should go on dates. Without talking about children or work, you will be fully devoted to getting to know each other and deeper. Prepared, planned and expected dates once a week or every two weeks is a great way to be together. And when having children, it is also a good example for children who understand that next to their mother and father is also the role of husband and wife.

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9. Accompanying important moments

An important performance at work? Going to the hospital for surgery? Birthday? In the most important moments - good and bad - we need the presence of the other half. Everyone will appreciate it, including children with a school performance or friends going through difficult times. Make sure then that you are fully committed, give the necessary support and the other party knows that they can count on you.

10. Surprises

When was the last time you left for a weekend, just the two of you? When did you buy him a present? When did you give her flowers for no reason? Do not be hiding that you do not know what to buy. That she may not like it. That you can go wrong. This is about something completely different. For the message: I think about you, I care, you are important to me. Therefore, do your surprises, spontaneously surprising the other half from time to time.

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