Published 2018-03-19
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Horoscope for the week: March 19, 2018 - March 25, 2018


Expect to experience a surge of action and adrenaline as the week begins! You're full of bravado, and the world will serve up an adventure to match. Unfortunately, you'll need to grab that excitement while you can get it, by Tuesday or Wednesday, details and drudgery will drag you back into the routine. Midweek is a good time to slow down and take your time (especially if you want to avoid accidents). Thursday sees you coming back into your own, charming others to make things happen and get what you want. That renewed energy will carry you well into the weekend, only to end on a quiet, introverted Sunday.


Watch out for a power struggle on Monday! As the week begins, you'll find that your usually admirable tenacity is being interpreted as stubbornness (or worse!). You'll need to make compromises to keep the peace. Midweek means good times no matter what you do, at work you'll get ahead in your career, and at home, you'll find admiration, affection and even romance. Later in the week (and on into the weekend), watch for the unexpected, in a good way. Your same-old-same-old routine is about to get a lot more interesting, as friends and coworkers add some spice to your schedule. On Sunday, your popularity and your passion are both on the rise.

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When it comes to conversational back-and-forth and lighthearted debate, you're ready for anything. That's truer than ever for you on Monday, and your verbal skills will peak amidst a flurry of fun friends and fresh ideas. As the week wears on, some of that glibness will start to fade. You don't usually have a hard time making yourself clear, but now might be the exception to the rule. Try to cut through the chatter and cut to the chase. By Thursday or Friday, you'll be thoroughly convinced that the weekend has already started so expect super-sized portions of action and romance. On Sunday, slow back down for some introspection.


Nothing's too extravagant for you on Monday! You'll feel an outsized burst of impulsive energy as the week begins, and you shouldn't pass up any opportunity to show off. (Just make sure that your 'the bigger, the better' attitude doesn't drain your bank account.) The middle of the week sees you communicating with self-assurance and ease, so if you need to make complicated plans or agreements with other people, now is the time to take action. Toward the end of the week, you might want to avoid spending too much time at home; differing opinions could threaten your domestic bliss. On Sunday, expect to be indecisive.

Everybody wants to be around the NEXT sign, but like everyone else, they need some quiet time too!


Can you feel the love? Everybody wants to be near you as the week begins, and on Monday you see yourself at your charismatic, confident best. (Enjoy the applause and take a bow!) Toward the middle of the week, you'll feel an unusual tug coming from deep down inside; you're overdue for some introspection and quiet time, so don't fight the instinct to hole up and reassess the big picture. Toward the end of the week, you'll reemerge from your cocoon, more social and self-assured than ever. Going into the weekend, expect good times with friends (and maybe even better times with more-than-friends). On Sunday, follow your intuition and examine issues beneath the surface.


It's almost impossible to suppress your need for order and organization, but try to keep those tendencies in check on Monday. Events will threaten to overwhelm you in a fearsome flurry, and flexibility is the key. By the middle of the week, you can indulge your organizational desires once again. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all good days for starting new projects and tidying up old ones. Friday and Saturday, on the other hand, will call on you to take unusual risks and try something entirely new. Have faith in your ability to make deep connections, and don't get discouraged by small setbacks. On Sunday, continue to indulge your conversational curiosity.

The NEXT sign will be offering their advice to those in need the whole week!


Others will follow your lead (and gladly!) as the week begins, with Monday offering plenty of opportunities for teamwork and creativity under your command. Get ready to surrender the reins by midweek, though, as you take the role of listener and confidante. Others will appreciate your advice and insight, and you'll have fun dispensing wisdom from on high. Toward the end of the week, all your best qualities, your easygoing charm, and diplomatic manner will be magnified. Expect to command center stage well into the weekend. On Sunday, make peace with the changes (especially the financial ones) that are coming your way.


Make sure you're not stirring up unwanted trouble for yourself as the week begins. You could find yourself duped into a power struggle on Monday (with your boss, maybe?), but a little humility will go a long way, provided you're willing to use your diplomatic skills. Midweek sees you exchanging ideas (and if you're lucky, maybe even secrets) with friends. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are all great days for making plans and tending to pesky details. Toward the end of the week, you'll find solutions to your problems swimming around your subconscious. Just take time to think before you leap if you want to take advantage of that subliminal intuition. On Sunday, get ready to feel the love!

The week may start with luck for the NEXT sign, but it may not last!


Ready to raise the stakes? Luck is on your side as the week begins, so now's the time to bet big and take chances. Wager like you're going to win, especially if travel or help from others is involved. As the week wears on, your luck won't last, but don't get frustrated. You can adapt if you just take your time and rely on that good-natured optimism of yours. Toward the end of the week, you need only to ask to get what you want. Friends want to help you out, even (especially!) if all you want is to go out and have a good time. This Sunday, get lost in your dreams.


You're only frustrated as the week begins because you're so ambitious (and optimistic!). But everybody has difficult days, and Monday is definitely one of them. Take things slow and cut your losses, because your luck will turn back around by the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all present excellent opportunities for making new plans and taking charge of the situation. If you've got questions, trust that a little work on your part will get you answers. Toward the end of the week, expect challenges, especially at work. (But that doesn't mean you should back down!) This Sunday, flaunt what you've got.

This week is all about taking risks for the NEXT sign!


Need a creative solution? As the week begins, you'll find that you've got the imagination and insight to concoct brilliant plans, so dare to experiment and take chances! By the middle of the week, you'll be feeling much less daring. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday see you slowing back down and getting grounded. (Which is good, because needless haste could cause you to overlook important details right now.) By the end of the week, your craving for novelty will pull you toward new people and into new experiences. On Sunday, take some time to yourself. You need to rethink the big picture.


Sadly, others won't respond well to your brilliant advice as the week begins, so it's best to keep those insights to yourself on Monday. (It's just as well, really, because that will save you from getting sucked into their personal dramas.) Sometime in the middle of the week, you'll need to choose whether to look before you leap, probably when deciding whether to help somebody else out. Go ahead and take a chance, even if you're unclear on the facts. Toward the end of the week, you'll need to switch gears and be wary of partnership problems, especially involving finances. On Sunday, be assertive and take a stand.

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