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7 Things that make a woman unattractive to men...

Although we often deny it, we all want to please men, or at least this one. Some women actually dress nicely and take care of themselves because of their own well-being, but nevertheless, they still want to attract the attention of the opposite gender. It is not known to the end how it is with men and what they really like. Sometimes we hear that they value naturalness. This, however, does not really work when we see them looking at girls with large, unnatural breasts.

In addition, preferences regarding eye color, hair color, the way of dressing and many other things are also important. Many women break down when reading similar content. It seems impossible to please men in all respects. However, we have good news. Her professional matchmaker, Australian Louanne Ward, decided to share her remarks. For 20 years, a woman has been talking about what men like based on their experience. She drew attention to 7 things that make women seem less attractive to men.

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1. Pretended enthusiasm

If you are always sweet, nice, charming and joyful... it means that you are artificial. There is no person who sometimes would not have a bad mood. Men do not like artificiality and they sense it quickly. You better get out if you stop playing and show yourself real. You can be only yourself, you cannot be anybody else. It's not good to pretend emotions that you don't really feel...

2. Outfit unmatched to the figure

If you have fuller shapes and buy tight clothes, you make a mistake. You will not become thinner only doing this, believe us. You are more likely to be ridiculous. The mismatch between the size of the clothes and the figure is a mistake that women often make. You do not have to wear S size to please guys. In addition, the store's size varies and you should not worry about it.

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3. Taking over the role of a guy

Sometimes it happens that a woman takes over the role of a man. Women complain that their life successes are deterring men. It's not true. They like it when a woman has an account achievement. However, they do not like it when it always tries to enter the role of a guy and proves that he is right. Then men feel intimidated. Be feminine and you will attract them to yourself like a magnet.

4. Excessive makeup

Men who want to find a life's beloved, prefer delicate makeup, emphasizing the advantages of beauty. Those who look behind painted women do not treat them as seriously as women who look modest because they are looking for fleeting acquaintances. The first impression is very important in this respect. Of course, this does not mean that if you have pimples, you cannot cover them with primer. It is about exaggeration, i.e. such a recently fashionable contouring. A mask with a foundation on the face, false eyelashes, colorful shadows and a colorful lipstick are, in their opinion, much too much.

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5. Plastic surgery

It's better not to overdo them. The best would be not even trying to do a single one. If we have a serious problem with something, eg with protruding ears, surgery can be done as much as possible. Lords are in this case about breast augmentation, buttocks, eyebrow lifting, hair attachments, false eyelashes and silicone lips. Guys are looking for natural beauty.

6. False helplessness

Swatka confirms that guys like to help women, but they do not like the false helplessness, making a victim of themselves, dramatizing. Certain life resourcefulness is indicated. If you know that you can do something, do not pretend otherwise. Be who you really are. If you can do it, do not act like you don't know how to do it. Better hard truth than a lie...

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7. Gossiping

Gossip, slander, critical comments, ridicule... It's a behavior that men do not like. Especially when it concerns other women. Matchmaker claims that a woman who gossips does not improve her appearance in this way will not become more attractive in the eyes of a man. They guess that this is a way to raise their own worth. Nowadays, we are so focused on working on our appearance that we forget about character. Guys are looking for women who also have the beautiful interior.

What you can find in common in all the comments is the laughter! Men fall for how beautifully you smile! Rapiertwit on reddit.com answered: "A good laugh. The thing about a goofy laugh is, you know the laugh is genuine. Nobody is going to fake that", also Desultorysobriquet said: "Their smile. You can’t help but notice a genuine bright smile. It shows they are engaged in the conversation and that things are going in the right direction (They are having fun.)"

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