Published 2018-04-09
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The man that every woman wants according to science

The media invades us in terms of beauty standards and perspectives on the couple is constant in our time, and influences us from early childhood. Superlative devices of cultural hegemony build concepts such as the cult of the physical, romantic love or gender roles. Even so, it is no less evident that these ideas confront the natural reality of what the human being is in itself, with the one that carries the most inside. Nobody comes into the world with a specific idea about what it is to be a woman or to be a man, the way in which he must express his feelings and passion, or, perhaps in a more debatable way, what is beautiful and what is not.

Given the collision that occurs between the biology and the culture, questions can be formulated such as: where is the limit of influence on our tastes, between what we seek by original genetic identity and what the socially constructed majority imaginary invites us? to wish? For the preparation of this article, we go to scientific studies of various kinds in order to try to find out what it is that makes a man irresistible for a woman. Continue reading with us to know more about the topic ...

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What do women like? or where does the affinity originate according to the characteristic? Well, questions such as these sheds light on the study carried out by scientists of very diverse origin, who have worked in countries such as China, the United Kingdom or the United States. This experiment has been published in the academic journal "Evolution of Human Behavior", whose content includes documents generally related to a type of research that tries to apply evolutionary paradigms to the analysis of human behavior.

The first step in this investigation was the presentation of photographs of different men and women to volunteer subjects who took charge of their qualification, in a range of grades ranging from one to nine. After the first round, the scientists responsible for the experiment belonging to the Institute of Genetics and Development Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and their foreign partners added data on their salary and again asked the volunteers for a new evaluation. Continue reading with us to know more about the topic...

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As it seems evident, what the first part of the study was trying to elucidate was the determinants that the different traits and aesthetic traits in general have when it comes to making their wearer be perceived as attractive. In the second one, it was more necessary to measure the weight that other circumstances that in social value in a worse or better way, but which are already part of a construction of the erotic that have been operating the main cultural devices.

We refer here to those aspects that are most remote from the intimacy of the human being insofar as it emphasizes the original animal devoid of reason. And in relation to these, we find out the most interesting data from this experiment, given that the information that comes from the part that measures only what refers to the external physical aspect hardly said anything new, most men of medium-high height like ladies, with standard haircuts and preference towards light tones, blue/green eyes, athletic build...

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The most interesting thing was, as we have already mentioned in previous paragraphs, the enormous weight that less visceral aspects such as economic status can have on attractiveness. According to both the results harvested in China, and in the United States and the United Kingdom, the attractiveness of people increases with wages. And it is still more interesting to observe that this factor increases the attractiveness of men more than that of women.

The attractiveness of a man increases for every raise by ten of his salary, while that of the woman rises for each climb by ten thousand of his earnings. The truth is that the influence on the attraction that as reflected in the present study have elements whose meaning emanates from the evolution in society could be perceived as a betrayal against the purest reality of our being. Despite the ugly but rich, could shield himself arguing that the seductive potential that provides money is even more legitimate; being this an element for which you can compete in society and that raises the most capable while dedicated.

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Every woman is looking for her perfect man. The one who will take care of her and love her, and will give her the sense of security. For some ladies, the important thing is also a sense of humor and appearance of a man. Probably every woman is delighted with something else and that's why she sees her beloved as one of a kind. Therefore, specialists decided to check what specific features make men attractive to women. Here are two of them.

He has a scar
In the beginning, let's start with something that surprised us the most! Based on what most women say, there is nothing more attractive than a scar in a prominent place, especially around the eyebrows. It shows the power of the man and his wild character. And women love strong, bed boys...

He has thick eyebrows

This is probably a feature that none of the women have thought of! We were really surprised by seeing this. At first, we have resembled ourselves the scary faces with such eyebrows... But no, scientists say that thick and dark eyebrows make men more masculine and attractive. It is a sign of his strength. Such eyebrows catch the attention of women who subconsciously want to create a long-lasting relationship with their possessor.

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