Published 2018-04-11
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Your dog can give you tips on how to care about your relationship

Dogs can teach you how to be grateful, truthful and empathetic.They can even give you some clue how to behave in a relationship if you want it to become successful and long-term. Of, course your relationship with a dog is different than the one you have with your partner or friends, however, the interactions and contact that you have with your beloved animal may be an important lesson that can teach you how to enjoy having a partner. Let’s find out how your dog can influence your relationship.


People have a tendency to dwell on hurtful things that others may have told them or done. They are even able to reproach their partners for doing something wrong many months after that incident, even if it’s forgetting your birthday or canceling a meeting. On the other hand, dogs always forgive people at once. You may punish it and refuse to do what they want but just in a while, you will see that your dog will want to sit on your lap and hug you. Maybe people seem to complicate their lives too much?

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You come back home and at the door, you can see your dog with a wagging tail and cheerful snout. It is as happy as if it didn’t see you for ages. It is always so happy even if you leave the house just to do quick shopping. Do you also appreciate everyday moments with your partner? Do you smile at them when you wake up or thank when they cook dinner for you? The time that you spend with your beloved one should be always precious. Enjoy it and appreciate more often.

Small gestures also count

You can show your affection in many ways. Sometimes small actions speak louder than big gestures. Love can be shown during everyday routine and chores. You see how your dog is happy when you take it for a walk just around your house. The same may be with your relationship. Giving pleasure to someone doesn’t require huge efforts. Dogs can show their love even when they just lie on your lap or look at you. Your partner also deserves such everyday small gestures.

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Effective communication is the basis of interactions between people and you cannot achieve it if you don’t know how to talk and listen to others. Just look at your dog - whenever you say something, it looks at you and listens carefully. Do you do the same when you discuss something with your partner? Or maybe you ignore him when he starts talking about something that is not important for you? If you want to be well understood in your relationship, offer some attention and time to your boyfriend.


Whether you are ill, tired or it’s raining and cold outside, you need to take your dog for a walk every day. Also, if you own an animal, you have to provide it with food and a bowl of water. However, when you see how happy and grateful your dog is you stop complaining and forget at once that you were too lazy to go for a walk. The same should happen in your relationship. Sometimes you may not feel like doing something that seems to be too time-consuming or tiring but why don’t you think how much pleasure you would give to your partner?

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Be loyal

Dogs are faithful, that’s obvious. Actually, this is one of their most recognizable qualities. they are able to do anything for their owners and don’t leave them when they feel bored or see some other devoted person who wants to take care of them. Your relationship should look the same. You may be aware of other attractive men who you are surrounded by but don't hurt your partner betraying him! Loyalty should be one of the most important rules for every couple.


Dogs can feel the increasing amount of adrenaline in your body which a natural reaction to a stressful and dangerous situation. They know when you are scared and that’s why they are ready to defend you. The same should happen in your relationship and it doesn’t mean that you should behave like a Superman. Just let your partner know that he can count on you in every situation and if even if others turned back on him, you would never do it.

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Be yourself

Don’t put any masks. Don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not to impress your partner! People don’t like such dishonesty and faking. Dogs are so honest! They don’t try to adopt a certain behavior to make you satisfied with them. You may like them or not but they want to get rid of their authenticity and change to suit your needs. So never demand from your partner to be another version of himself. Let him be as he is.

Just stay

Sometimes you have those bad days when you don’t want to talk about anything and with anyone. In this case, you would just appreciate when your partner is with you and doesn’t ask any questions. Such feeling is so comforting and also help you relax after a tiring day. If you are this type of a person who cannot be silent and keeps asking and annoying their boyfriend with a number of questions even if he doesn’t feel the need to answer, then look at your dog. It is just with you, for better or for worse. Do the same and you will be happier!

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