Published 2018-04-30
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Horoscope for the week: April 30, 2018 - May 6, 2018


The beginning of this week, your dreams seem almost real. You’ll be trying to decipher what it means, but it’s exhausting. Think about what you’ve been doing in the past few days that might result in you having these dreams. Around mid-week, you're going to go on an adventure thanks to your wild imagination. The weekend is going to be relaxed, or atleast plan for one. A spa day at home? Netflix and chill? The possibilities are endless!


The start of the week you’re having trouble with something and it’s taking too much space in your head. Ask your trusted friends for help! They will know exactly what you need. Around mid-week, you suddenly feel like doing some self-indulging; so do it! Buy a new outfit if you need to. The weekend is going to be fun! Wear that new outfit to impress someone romantically.

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It’s only the beginning of the week and the way things are taking place is confusing you. By mid-week, misunderstandings are prone to happen, so be straight forward in what you’ve to convey. Ask your friends for help and be clear with them too. Towards the end of the week and the weekend, take some time off to think about what you really want. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll learn!


You’re on an adrenaline rush the of the week. And this energy that you have? It’s keeping you on your toes. You’ll use most of it on others, to help them with their issues and problems. However, be careful of what you say. All that energy will stop you from thinking before speaking. Consider your words. This weekend, you’ll be socialising but control yourself from blurting out things accidentally.

The NEXT sign shouldn't make any harsh decisions!


Be careful of making financial decisions, sleep on it if you have to. The start of the week is all about that, your creative thinking is taking over the logical. Anything important to decide on? Put off until the end of the week. Around mid-week, you’ll make a new friend to widen your social circle. Enjoy the presence, you need it to de-stress. When the weekend finally rolls around, you can’t help but think there’s two sides to everything.


You’re not handling relationships very well this week. Figure out whether they are just misunderstandings that can be cleared or if they’re really “break-it-off” serious problems. Follow your gut, do what you think is right. Around mid-week, On Wednesday, you're able to think much more clearly and realize nothing is ever as complicated as it seems. During the weekend, you’re with people who understand you.

Romance for the NEXT sign!


A special someone is taking up too much space in your head, but you also have a million things to check off on the “to-do-list”. Instead of procrastinating, finish off your work, and by the middle of the week, you’ll have all the time in the world to think of that someone distracting. You’ll soon realize that you two have much more in common than expected. And that calls it for celebration, don’t you think? The romantic streak will carry on to the weekend.


Romance is written in the stars for you, especially in the beginning of the week. And this romantic side of yours is bringing out the inner artist in you. Let your creative side take over, you need it. Around mid-week, your friends need your help and you’re all ears to give it to them. During the weekend, you’re back in the romantic phase with you-know-who. Take it slow and see where it goes.

It's going to be a slow week for the NEXT sign!


This week is going to be slow and your mind is a mess, or atleast you feel like it is. The good thing is, everything will be back to normal by mid-week. You’ll get your energy back and you’ll be your usual self. However, take it slow, think twice before doing anything just to be sure. During the weekend, you’ll be helping someone close to you as much as you can. They’ll appreciate your help.


You’re trying to convey about the way you feel, but it’s not going the way it’s supposed to. Think of ways that are most comfortable for you. Will sending a text message help instead talking in person? Do it! You spend most of your time this week helping others. You are their shoulder to lean on. During the weekend, you’re going to have much fun socializing! Make use of it to unwind and relax.

The NEXT sign should spend money wisely


You'd like to buy something early in the week, but there's a chance you don't have the means to afford it. Double-check your balance with the bank before you swipe your card. You might be surprised. And your surprise might lead you to take a hard look the disparity between what you spend money on and what you actually value. It's a good thing to think about, anyway. This is a week of advanced ideas. Of discovery and freedom. The more you learn about yourself, the more you want to learn. This weekend, you will learn something valuable from an older relative.


Okay, enough of being stingy with yourself. Time to treat yourself well. If you've been holding out on making a purchase, it's time to plunk down the cash. If you've been thinking of spending an afternoon at the spa, well, how's Tuesday? You could use some rejuvenation, especially since Wednesday and Thursday are going to be such insanely confusing days. On Thursday in particular, you're going to feel like you've walked into a video game and you don't know any of the rules. Thankfully, by Friday, you'll be returned to the world you know and love. And, actually, all weekend long, love will be in the air.

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