Published 2018-05-04
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9 Behaviors of men, which mean that your relationship does NOT MAKE sense!

To create a successful relationship you need to make and accept many compromises. Even if you think that you are too demanding, there are behaviors that are not tolerated in love and every other situation. In our article, we present several actions that are like warning signals. If you find at least few of them in your beloved boy, it means that he is not the one, and certainly not a good man at all. Meet all the features.

1. No respect

Respect for another person is the basis of every relationship. And especially in love. If a man does not respect a woman, he doesn't deserve her. The man needs to take your feelings and opinion into consideration. He should pay attention to how you feel in any situations and surroundings. Your beloved one always stays on your side. If your boyfriend does not do all these things then you are not important to him. He does not respect you. That is why it is not worth being in a relationship with him any longer.

What else he does that means that you should dump him?

2. Lies small and large

Another important base of the relationship is trust. But if he calls, that he has to stay longer at work, and really goes to the bar to see a match with his colleagues. Or he says that he will help you fix your TV, but you end up calling a specialist by yourself. That means you cannot count on him and he is not honest with you at all. With such a man you cannot start a family because you will be the only responsible one!

3. Instrumental treatment

If he seems that having a girl means a new mother or a maid then a relationship will never work out. If he does not surprise you with a dinner or washed dishes, you will not be helped ever. If he expects that you will only cook, iron and wash, where is the respect for your development? Where is the gratitude? Of course, there are women who love to serve the beloved, but it's okay when they do it with their own will.

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4. You are for exclusive

If you're going out then only together. When you spend time with your friends, he calls you every 5 minutes, asking you where you are or when you will come back, etc. But he must realize that you need some time on your own with your people, and it does not mean that you have stopped loving him or you do not like being in his company. Even in a relationship, sometimes you need to take time for yourself. Even if he thinks he must have you exclusively do not let him close you in a golden cage.

5. Flirting with others

You should always be number one for him, both in mind and heart. But if he, in front of you, looks at other women, smiles to them on the street, talk to them, and most of all, is very seductive towards them, it is not fair to you. This means that he does not care about your feelings and that the relationship will only last if you accept that he must be adored. But isn't it better to be with someone who will adore you?

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6. Stories about ex

If he still talks about his ex-girlfriends, it means that for him only adventures counts, and also the relationship with you will soon be a story to tell. Talking constantly about the ex, he shows that he constantly compares relationships. It is interesting to know if you would start talking about your exes, will he stay or run away? If the second one, it is best, because you will not lose your time.

7. He never remembers you

Regardless whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, he never remembers these events. Ok, it's not his style, but we live in the world with the ability to set a reminder on the phone. Besides, for women, small gestures count. A flower without occasion, a gift from the business delegation; it means that a man remembers about his beloved always and everywhere. Do you remember the last time when you were surprised?

The last two behaviors that are so important for your relationship are...

8. He hides you

You rarely go out together, and if you meet someone, you know he never introduces you. He knows all your friends and you do not even know where his workplace is located. He wants to meet only you but does not want to publicize the relationship. Oh no. A man in love wants to brag about his girl and declare his love. Thus, such a behavior means he is not serious about you and does not want to spend the rest of his life with you!

9. Betrayal

This is, of course, the most painful, heartbreaking thing and the hardest to forgive of all. Even if you think there is a home, children, memorable common time, do not force yourself into anything. Since he has forgotten about all of this, it does not mean that you have to support him. If you cannot forgive him and live on, it makes no sense. But if you want to forget, do it simply for yourself. But watch out for him not to hurt you the second time.

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