Published 2018-05-08
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What is your personality based on your blood type? BLOOD TYPE A!

It is crazy to think that you might have some personality traits in common with your ancestors but your blood type is what has been passed on to you so there is a possibility of you sharing some interests. People of a certain blood type may tend to eat certain kind of food or have a certain lifestyle. There may not be such a thing as 'personality trait based on your blood type' but it always worth the try! You’ve got nothing to lose, right? So, why don’t we start with blood type A?

It is been said that people with A blood type are well-organized and based on all blood type A people we have encountered thus far, it may be true! They like to make plans but they don’t live in there! Whatever plans they make, they follow it to the end. They cannot stand the idea of walking around with no plans! This characteristic helps them with their jobs tremendously. But that is not the only quality they have.

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Meticulous wouldn’t do justice to how extreme these people actually are. Their self-discipline of them sometimes strikes people as being too picky or whiners. They have a strong feeling of following the rules and they cannot deny it. Some might even believe that negative consequences are waiting to happen as soon as they stop doing what they should. They might even go as far as planning for their partners and even blame or question them in the case of not following it.

People with this blood type are quite logical so discussing things with them is pleasant but what needs to be engraved in the mind is that these people are stubborn so even if you feel like what they are standing for is wrong, you should know what you are getting yourself into by starting a disagreement with these people. They are quite philosophical so as long as you don’t poke the tiger it is all cool.

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According to what has been said it is easy for them to take the leading role when it comes to projects and group works. Being a leader, they can help other people to do their jobs more accurately and can even help others to be better leaders. By a single mistake, they feel insecure and distressed because they always expect from themselves to accomplish higher goals. They even take the leading role when it comes to their love-life.

They are sensitive and they feel uneasy about so many things but that is not the real problem. The real problem is that they do not know how to express their annoyance in the way that it won’t be misunderstood! For their partners, it is always better to be the first one to start communicating in the relationship regarding everything no matter how big or small the issue is because blood A people hold back their thoughts and it might end to a quarrel. However, if you can understand where their worries and thoughts are coming from, you’ll feel nothing but sheer kindness.

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Due to bottling up their emotions and anxiety, many of them have difficulties falling asleep. This might even come in the way of their great leadership qualities. And the level of stress that they carry weakens their immune system. Low stomach acid is so common among these people and that is a reason why they need to follow a special diet and be extra cautious. As are mostly researchers and their discovering are the most meticulous ones.

According to Dr. D'Adamo, "While it's fine for Type As to participate in more intense physical activities when healthy and in good condition, be aware that these forms of exercise do not act as safety valves for stress in your blood type. I have seen Type As excel at weightlifting and aerobic activities, but you have to be careful about not overtraining, as that will actually raise cortisol levels."

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There are some key strategies that these individuals better take into consideration. Since they are incredibly creative people in their lives, it is a necessity for them to cultivate their innovation and creativity. They also need to have a daily schedule since they are plan-freaks. They need to get a total of complete 10-hour sleep so it is better for them to get to bed before 11:00 PM; once awake, they need to get out of bed without hesitation.

For their working feedback to accelerate, they need to take two breaks of twenty minutes during every workday. Meanwhile, they can take a walk, stretch or even meditate. They should not skip meals and need more protein at the beginning of the day than the ending. They also need to eat frequently but in smaller portions. In order to prevent cancer and heart disease, it is always better to plan regular check-ups only to stay on the safe side.

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