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Horoscope for the week: May 21, 2018 - May 27, 2018


The sun will give you courage. Do something against routine and you will stop being bored. This week, do not save on what you enjoy, because otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to meet friends and experience an exciting adventure. Go for an interesting lecture, take part in an extraordinary course, let yourself be carried away on a crazy date. You are favored with happiness wherever you can learn something. Your new experiences in a surprising but beneficial way will be useful in your career.


Venus will look after you. All you need is the strength for difficult matters, problems will pass you by, and social attractions will finally be more. You will not lack good ideas and kind helpers. However, the most favorable opportunities await you in love. Lonely Taurus will flirt and seduce. Married will prove to the partner that it is possible to repeat the honeymoon. Although you will be doing well, take care of your health this week. Mars warns against the risk of training.

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The sun in your sign promises a nice week. The boss will take care of his own business, and the family will be less laughed than usual. Finally, you will have more time for your own affairs. You will make up for escorts, you will not leave the most interesting premieres and social events. The weekend favors flirtations and new friendships. Move out of the house and quickly regenerate your strength. Mars is also conducive to sports activity, it is worth signing up for a fitness or swimming pool.


You will take care of work and decide to relax from the excess of social attractions. You are most willing to hide from everyone in the office somewhere. Who counts that you will devote your free time to him, this will fail. You will take care of your health, have a good sleep and you will be in perfect shape again. The weekend favors love. Feelings that have faded will explode with new strength. Solitary Cancers will exchange some provocative comments with a stranger from the Internet. This can be an interesting date.

The NEXT sign should trust their instincts!


Love and the emotions associated with it will keep your attention. You will start to flirt, joke and gossip, and happiness in love should not leave you this week. More new friendships and opportunities for dating will come along. If, however, your beloved does not care about you, you will be unscrupulously involved in a new relationship. You will have a bit more new responsibilities at work that will be associated with training or important trips. Do not worry about anything, because you can handle everything perfectly.


Various difficult things will be on your head now, but you can deal with them. When others laze around, you take over the reins. It will turn out that your opinions are so important that you can not make any important decisions without them. The sun will require patience from you, but it prepares you for your hardships. Promotion or raise is within your reach. In love, you can also feel that your beloved meets your cravings, but he is not very creative himself. Maybe you're doing it too much for him? It's time to change the strategy.

The NEXT sign should think before the act!


Forget what the unfriendly people say. It's time to implement ambitious plans that you've longed for. Mars favors wise decisions, both love, and profession. Do not let yourself be provoked to a sharp exchange of opinions with someone who teaches others, but he himself has no experience or reason. Remember also that when people see you, they write to you. Do not be sorry for the haircut and fashionable clothes, and you will immediately feel the improvement of humor. In love also there will be a great revival. Do not talk about work problems, but make a romantic dinner.


A calmer week ahead of you. You will enjoy small successes, reluctant to take on too ambitious matters and hard tasks. Let the others tire. Mars also advises you to take care of your health and avoid what is bothering you. Even so, you will feel like changing your home. You look critically at the decor and start looking for new furniture or fabrics. Jupiter favors you, and under her influence, your choices will prove to be a hit. Lonely Scorpions will be exceptionally charming and even seductive.

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You will do everything to detach yourself from your daily duties. Fortunately, at work, it will be calmer. The sun is conducive to visiting unusual places and getting to know inspiring friends. You will be sociable, but also curious. You will discover someone's secret but think about it three times before you talk about it with other people. You can say too much with good intentions and someone close to you suspects rumors. In love, you will look for impressions and new inspirations.


You will appreciate the charms of a comfortable life, and finally, rest a little. In professional matters, little will happen. Convenience, luxury, and good food will prove more important than other interests. We are happy to reach for new recipes and create dishes that will delight everyone. Maybe you will go to the city, and your intuition will lead you towards great restaurants and beautiful places. You will also want to be complimented and bouquets of flowers in love.

The NEXT sign should use their money wisely, as something exciting will happen soon!


Mars in your character makes you easily nervous. Do not regret time for what you enjoy, because music and art will help you soothe your nerves. At work, a new idea can turn out to be a breakthrough. A young and courageous person will help you in its implementation. More duties at home. Your energy and experience will be useful in a difficult case that concerns friends or neighbors. In love, do not criticize the defects of your partner. Find time for joint affairs, agree with his ideas. It is important that you can have fun together.


You will come to the conclusion that it is high time to get yourself involved in important matters. Kindly thank the advisors who can do less than you. Friends who intervene in your matters will give you some good advice. Woe to people who are lazy or forgetful, because you will finally tell them what you think about them. At the weekend, when you've dealt with arrears, you will find time to relax and have fun, and Venus will bring you the opportunity to a mysterious date. Keep your health safe throughout the week.

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