Published 2018-05-21
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9 Tricks that most did not know and will impress everyone...

In today's article, you will know a series of techniques that you might have missed. Normally we perform the same processes every day without thinking that there are other more effective and quick methods to do it. On the other hand, using the simplest and most rudimentary objects we could get to make a series of impressive creations; You can surprise all your friends with your skill! And with a charger, a balloon, and even a pencil sharpener this authentic masterpiece could be achieved…

1. Home cinema

Have your family members come home and want to surprise you completely? The visualization of a movie is a great plan, but if we apply a different technique it is very likely that this evening will become unforgettable. To be able to see that featured film we will only need our mobile phone, a shoe box, and a circular glass. You have to open a hole in one of the ends of the box and there place the glass; immediately afterward we proceed to place the cell phone there with the reproduction of the program that we want to see... That projector is incredible!

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2. A precious case

The protection of our mobile phone is of vital importance. Blows, scratches and even a possible breakage of the glass are things that we want to avoid to a great extent, so for this, we usually buy a case. What if that day we do not have money? Well, very simple: we have to inflate a balloon of the color that we like the most to the maximum. Subsequently, we have to remove all the air by placing our device on top; when we have finished we will see that the plastic has adhered to our mobile.

3. How did it not occur to us before?

The pencil sharpener is probably the best ally of children who come to school because thanks to this his pencils never lose the tip completely. Normally we used to get up to throw the remains in the bin, but thanks to this invention we will stop moving at every moment. Thanks to the widest part of a globe, which will join the pencil sharpener to the elastic part, we can create a kind of deposit in which the waste remains until we decide to empty it.

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4. A great cutter

As we know, cutters are tremendously effective at the time of cutting something, in particular, providing it is not too hard. That sharp blade can do a lot of damage, so you have to use it with great care. What if we do not have one of these objects at home? Well, we could use two sticks like those used by doctors and the metal part of a pencil sharpener. The union of these three elements with extra strong glue will provide us with a cutter with which we can cut everything we want.

5. In one stroke!

Splitting a cable is not exactly simple, apart from the fact that it could be dangerous if we do not take the correct protection measures. What can we do if one of these objects is unusable and if it is even bothering us? Very simple, use a clip and the metal of a pencil sharpener. Does this really work? The truth is YES. Sticking the silver foil on one end of the wooden clamp and thanks to the opening and closing movement of this we will realize the cable will be cut without any problems.

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6. Cleaning in five minutes

Sometimes we notice some of the furniture in our house, such as the sofa or armchair, is dirty because it has dropped some liquid. Putting a washing machine would be a huge expense of water, softener, and detergent, so we could opt for a very simple and practical method to get rid of those unattractive spots. The combination of 300ml of water, 100ml of alcohol and vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda is magical: when five minutes pass we need to apply the mixture on the stained surface... the dirt has been erased!

7. A nice and practical package

Do you have a towel that you have already used enough? In that case, you could use it to store some of the products you use every day when you visit the bathroom. You just need to fold it in half and make four or five compartments with a sewing machine; Now you can put the deodorant, the comb and the toothbrush there! It will not occupy much space, since we can fold it, and a tape will be our best ally so that it does not lose its original form... You will amaze everyone!

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8. How did you do it?

In case we want to be the kings of the evening, we could try to perform a little magic trick with our mobile phone. Passing a handkerchief through it is something that fascinates us completely, but we have never known the trick. Evidently, the cell phone is not phantom or ethereal, but a kind of plastic has been used to make the piece of fabric feel as if it were passing through the object. Do not explain this technique to your friends, leave them with the intrigue of how you have done it!

9. They will never get stuck again

Has it ever happened to you that putting a plug in a socket has been an impossible task and getting it out was even worse? No matter how hard we push, it was not possible to fulfill our purpose, but luckily a very effective trick could be devised. What are we talking about? Simply put a deflated balloon in the body of the plug. And almost instantly we will verify that the extraction of this object becomes a children's game.

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