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Magic tricks revealed...

Magic has been one of the great mysteries on the planet, and although thousands of people believe that it is pure illusion, others think it is a reality. On many occasions, we have seen the best-known magicians in the world perform different shows to show that they have unusual powers. In this article, we will tell you about some important events that have been very famous, and we will tell you in detail what these "wizards" did to achieve it. Do not miss it, we are sure you will love reading about these special situations!

1. David Copperfield

Copperfield is probably the best-known magician in the entire world and has undoubtedly shown that he has a great talent for hope. However, in reality, many people have come to believe that he could have some "gifts" out of the ordinary. One of the great shows of his career was the "disappearance of the statue of liberty", which faced hundreds of people who came to his show. If we see the original video, we might think that he caused the huge monument to simply leave the place. However, everything was planned so that no one could realize the deception...

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The people who attended this event in 1983 were surprised by the madness that was happening in front of them, no doubt nobody could imagine how someone could disappear such a monument that measures 46 meters high. However, what Copperfield did was put on a rotating base all over the place, his movement was so delicate that nobody actually noticed that this was happening. Therefore, at the moment when the people were there, and the magician made his "Disappearance of the statue" they were really seeing the opposite side, therefore, there was no such monument, because they were looking elsewhere.

2. The floating man

This famous trick is used by many in the world, and it seems to be a very good one because the illusion that a human being is floating leaves everyone impressed. However, what is used is a metal plate on which people are holding. There is usually something on the floor, a folder or clothes of the person, so no one will notice that under this is the second plate that keeps it "in the air".

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3. Chris Angel on water

In 2005, Chris Angel created his show where he showed his magic tricks, and one of them was known worldwide. "Walking on water" has been one of the things that humans have dreamed of achieving for thousands of years. However, this magician managed to do it in front of many people in a hotel in Las Vegas. It seemed that he had really accomplished it, but in reality, it was another trick of illusion, which was undoubtedly a very good one. In this case, he used Plexiglas tubes that were almost invisible to the human eye.

In fact, he installed them so well that almost nobody could notice that he was underwater. Although some people discovered it, it seems that the public that was "swimming" in the pool of this hotel, were paid to look surprised and ignore the trick. Nonetheless, this helped Chris' career to throw himself into stardom. By using these artifacts, Angel created the illusion of walking on water, which is a gift that clearly not everyone in the world has.

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4. The disappearance of a signed letter

This trick is very well known by beings who claim to be "magicians", and although it leaves everyone always impressed, it is really very simple. In the beginning, a person is asked to sign a letter and then this letter is "destroyed". The "sorcerer" has a letter folded in his pocket, he uses a quick hand to put the signed letter in his pocket and take out the folded one, that way he can break the one he already had inside.

5. Swallow a sword

This trick is true in all its sense, so it's not an illusion most of the time. However, it is not as easy as it seems, because this requires years of practice. What should be done is to put the body extremely straight and in this way, the professionals can put the sword inside. However, this is really dangerous, because you could end your life and the feeling must be terrible. Many people who have tried have died, so do not try without previous training.

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6. The trick of throwing knives

This trick has also been used for many years by different magicians in history. What is done is to put a giant wheel where the assistant is circling and the magician must throw knives, which always reach millimeters away from his body. However, in reality, this is completely false, since he is not throwing them, but hiding them in his palm and then, the platform is made especially for knives to come out specifically in that place where it "must" fall and at the same time, the knife that was previously embedded, will sprout and make it look as if he really had succeeded.

7. Cutting a woman in half

Cutting a woman in half has been one of the favorites of all time and the truth is that it seems very realistic. However, there are two methods that have been used, since one is done with the help of two assistants, one that was previously inside the box, which would be the part of the feet, and the other that when entering should contort and hide inside from the small box. But the truth is that they are separating two boxes with two different people, so the person was never in any damage.

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