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Horoscope for the week: June 11, 2018 - June 17, 2018


Many happy coincidences await you now. Venus advises you to believe in your advantages and boldly start new things. Mars will make situations that you would consider very risky to attract you. Get interested in what gives you the chance to get promoted and raise. You're successful in financial matters all week. Someone will tell you how to invest. Grab the opportunity and count your profits. There are calmer moments in love. You will plan joint shopping, arrange a flat, take care of common convenience. Some Aries will remember a certain person from years ago. Watch out, your partner will be jealous!


You will quickly make up for work or learning. You will leave great shopping and house cleaning on the head of other household members. Someone will complain instead of being independent. The job also promises more profitable responsibilities, but do not hesitate any longer and now cover the time for a holiday vacation. Mercury will now help you find the right travel agency and you will feel that many great adventures are still ahead of you. The planet Venus also favors love. Lonely Bulls will flirt as usual, and some will feel that it is time to make serious decisions about the future of a certain romance. During the weekend you will get to important denominations.

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The sun promotes professional and financial successes. Seriously approach your duties, meet deadlines and earn a reward. Do not be afraid to talk openly about your matters, because thanks to that you will gain support. Instead of being modest, boldly present your advantages. Accept the invitation to a nice party. You will be able to make friends with someone who has been intriguing you for a long time. It will turn out that you have more common interests than everyone thinks. During the weekend, friends will convince you to change your family plans. Relax and get rid of stress.


It's time for you to think a little about yourself and not sacrifice yourself for others. Too many responsible can have a bad effect on your well-being. Do not get into office intrigues or repeat rumors. Also in the family, do not be provoked to argue, because you can become a victim of someone's game. Be patient and happiness will smile at you. Make sure that the end of this week is also an opportunity to have fun and rest. Weekend favors travel, and you will feel best among nature. Do not regret spending money on what you enjoy.

The NEXT sign should trust their instincts!


A very good week is ahead of you. At work, it will work well if, of course, you will be fulfilling your duties on a regular basis. Be careful, because people's mistakes and arrears can come out. During the weekend social life will consume you completely, but devote more time to your loved one, because it is time to have fun. Lonely Lions on the weekend have a chance for an intriguing meeting. Someone will tell you a secret that will help you continue this relationship.


Enjoy the charms of life. There will be more free time, less work and more trouble related to it. During business meetings, listen to what your colleagues whisper. In some rumors, there will be a lot of truth and you will not fall into a trap. If you study, you will achieve more success. You will come up with innovative ideas, meet interesting people. Mercury also helps to discover new hobbies. If you listen to your intuition, your new acquaintance can turn into something more serious.

The NEXT sign should think before the act!


Have fun and do not worry about anything. Whoever wants to entrust you with these duties may be disappointed. You better not promise the boss too much and avoid unnecessary trouble. Despite this luck, you will be favored. Everywhere you will be met with great kindness and support. Venus will help you with difficult matters, and Mercury will remove enemies from your path. Training, short trips, social gatherings will bring you more benefits than you think. You will feel well informed and even prevent unpleasant social events. Think about yourself at the weekend. Venus favors dating.


You will gain strength, and your optimism will be given even to the biggest glooms. Share your ideas, do not postpone important matters for later. At work, you will start a revolution that will significantly improve your daily duties. If the important conversation is waiting for you, pay attention to details and you will win more than others. Your home will become a place where everyone will be able to enjoy the great atmosphere. Some inaccessible person will suddenly pay attention to you. For lone Scorpions, this can be a great opportunity.

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Any word or gesture will be able to move you or inspire you to act. You need more peace and time to think about it. However, some contentious issues will need to be clarified this week. Do it gently, and there will be peace and harmony in your surroundings. It turns out that there is nothing to worry about. The lonely ones will look kindly at someone who has long been seeking their favors. Do not promise, however, what you do not intend to keep in your heart because the Scorpio will take everything seriously.


Time to break with boredom. Maybe it's worth changing professional plans and leaving even for a few days? Listen to your intuition and do what your heart tells you, but remember that you also have to live up to different promises and other family commitments. Fortunately, Venus will help you negotiate and seek helpers for harder tasks. At the weekend it is worth having some fun. We are happy to take care of art, you will find time for your hobby. Jupiter also favors love and will help you make new friends.

The NEXT sign should use their money wisely, as something exciting will happen soon!


You will be overwhelmed by duties and professional matters. At the end of the week, you will have more social meetings and related funny situations. However, rumors are your enemy. Keep your secrets safe because someone can use your messages for their own purposes. Mars advises you not to confide in someone who has let you down once. You are happy for this happiness in love. Consider if you really want everyone to interfere in your love secrets!


Try to be more patient and act only if you are absolutely sure of your reasons. This week, someone who has been polite and nice so far can show claws. Do not be afraid to end your acquaintances that take away too much time and energy. New people and new emotions will quickly fill the free space in your life. In love, your own needs will be more important to you than the whims of a loved one. Take the opportunity to go somewhere just the two of you. Relatives and friends will stay home this time, and you will get to live one of your dreams.

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