Published 2018-06-20
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What your favourite ice cream flavour says about you

Probably everyone likes sweets, especially ice cream which are always available in different flavors. But no matter how many flavors they have in your favorite ice cream parlor you know what you will take even before crossing the threshold. Do you know that the flavor that you tend to choose can tell a lot about your personality? Well, it can even suggest what kind of partner you should look for according to Dr. Alan R. Hirsch who conducted a study on this matter. Let's find out!

Vanilla ice cream

Do you like vanilla ice cream? Well, you are not a boring person. If you asked your friends to describe you they would say you are sometimes too impulsive but definitely full of life, outgoing and so cheerful! You probably don’t have a problem to achieve goals and make your dreams come true as you are goal-oriented and ambitious. This makes you a very successful person in various areas of your life. As to the relationship matters, you need a safe and secure bond.

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Strawberry ice cream

Those who cannot live without strawberry ice cream are those more vulnerable comparing to vanilla lovers. You are not that type of a leader who rules the world and loves telling people what to do. You prefer being in the shadow and work rather as a team member. It’s not easy for you to fall in love but the moment when someone wins your heart you become the most faithful and honest person in the world. It’s definitely worth hanging out with you.

Banana ice cream

Quarrels, fierce discussions, anger? It’s not that matter with you. You’d rather conform and not say a negative world than start an argument that leaves everyone sad and furious. Your friends often say that you are a wonderful, friendly and likable person who never spoils positive atmosphere even there are worries and problems. Those who know you are truly lucky people. You are an ideal wife material and a perfect future mother.

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Strawberry-creamy ice cream

This mixture of two flavors is usually chosen by people who don’t have easy simple lives. You are an introvert who often runs away from others and in this way loses many opportunities to enjoy your life. Sometimes it seems that you complicated your life voluntarily and get nervous about anything that doesn’t go according to your plan. The bad news is that your pessimism can make it harder for you to find a loving partner…

Coffee ice cream

You cannot go without coffee ice cream... Well, you are a really crazy person! The only things that matter for you are joy, freedom and flirting with others. You neither look back nor think about the future and responsibilities that it brings. As such a careless person you are not able to maintain a long-term relationship because you simply get bored with your partner. You need someone who will provide you with the boost of adrenaline (ideally every day) and lots of thrill and wild adventures.

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Hazelnut ice cream

The fact that you tend to choose hazelnut ice cream over other flavors makes you a very decent person. If you set some rules (and you do it quite often) you always obey them and they become too important to break. Intelligent, wise, disciplined and accurate - yes, all those adjectives describe your personality! However, in a relationship, you may sometimes have problems with showing your emotions as you are afraid of hurting your partner. Well, this should be changed.

Chocolate ice cream

Another ambitious and goal-oriented type of a person. You value success and competition. There is no problem for you to have rivals and compete with them. You are not afraid of new challenges as your inborn courage helps you cope with anything. In your professional life, you know how to cater for your needs and get what you want but when it comes to a relationship you really appreciate when your partner takes care of you bin a loving and gentle way.

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Mint and chocolate ice cream

What a quarrelsome person! You always have so many arguments that you never let someone win the fight. This makes you a very clever, ambitious and confident person who can’t be easily fooled by others. What can we say about mint ice cream lovers when it comes to their relationships? Well, unfortunately, we can’t say you are a romantic type. You are more skeptical and down-to-earth person who claims that after all everything goes away with time, even a true love.

Chocolate ice cream with some toppings

In your private life, you are a charming and likable person whom others literally adore but in your professional life… you can be like a lion! It’s quite easy to throw you off-balance and get on your nerves. You get annoyed even with the slightest flaws of your colleagues. Not an easy nut to crack… The thing that your partner should beware if they want a peaceful relationship is criticism. You hate it!

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