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Things that you should and shouldn't do while flirting!

Flirting is a form of art. The art of seduction! And to succeed in that, you need to know how to do it so that it wouldn’t be too much and you wouldn’t give false signals. Most women like to be the ones that the first move is done on them. They mostly do not like to be the one who takes the first step so for men to know how to flirt is crucial. Some guys might just say that women hate it whenever they attempted to flirt.

That is not the case. The problem is that, men do not know how to flirt and sometimes they do it in a way that comes out as being too full of themselves and sometimes they do not even notice that they are disrespecting the lady and crossing the line by whatever they say! Dirty pick-up lines are just not something that will work for most women and they feel more offended than flattered! In this article, we will show you how to flirt respectfully!
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Eye contact

Eye contact is incredibly important and it also can easily turn into a creepy eyeball. So you need to know exactly where the line is and make sure that you have not crossed it to be able to learn if the guy is interested in you or not and be able to start the small talk! Make sure to smile when your eyes meet. Do not sit there staring at her without your eyes meeting because that is just futile!


Speaking of smiling when your eyes meet, smiling solely is one of the most important ways of flirting! Better say one of the most effective ones! Your smile can say a lot about you. It can present you as someone who is incredibly shy! Someone who is unbelievably confident! It is the most charming part of you so make sure that before actually present it, you know exactly how it looks! You do not want to look creepy!

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Now, we talked about the right approach and how vital it is, but how do we know what a proper approach is?! There are so many ways depending on the situations the girl is in. One of the oldest tricks is saving her! If you feel like she is in a middle of a boring conversation and she wants to run away from it, go ahead and rescue her! Act like you know her! However, the right time may never come so you need something else! Eye contact, smile! If you've mastered these two, it is the right time!


The biggest jerk of all time will be you if all you do in front of her is talking about you! It is time for her to shine and you want to let her know how interested you are in her right?! So all you have to do is ask her some questions about herself. Make her feel important. Listen to whatever she says and reflect on them so that she would know you actually are interested. This way, you get the easiest way to her heart and mind!

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Skinship is really important and just like the rest of the items, needs to be done properly and respectfully not in the creepiest way possible! Do not make it all awkward. Make sure that you make it as natural as possible. If there is a ring she is wearing that is nice, use that as an excuse to touch her hand. It could be nail polish, a bracelet, anything that wouldn’t make you look like a perv!

Crack jokes

Of course, no weird jokes and conversations. You do not want to lose this opportunity. Be selective with the jokes but crack some every now and then with perfect timing. Make sure that before going this way, you have a little bit of background information about her culture or her beliefs. Something that you know, won’t offend her and then go with that. If you are able to make her smile, then you are on the right track.

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Make plans

If you feel like the feeling is mutual and you both are interested in one another, it is about time that you lead in making a plan! That needs to be done by you. Do not wait for her to make the decision. Suggest the date and the spot and ask her if she is ok with both. Women like it when they know their man is decisive and confident. Trust yourself and lead the way.

There are things that we’d better not do since it is not that easy to control the outcome of it and you need to make sure that you have these in mind. Flirting needs to be sufficient, not too little and not too much because it might come off as someone who is clingy! Find out and see if the person is actually interested in you or not and then continue flirting because it would be futile! You also need to know when to walk away. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is having cheesy pickup lines!

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