Published 2016-08-22
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This baby is smiling while lying on the gloves and your heart will break in pieces when you find out the reason

There are a lot of situations in life that happen suddenly and its consequences affect the daily lives of many families. And the effects are even worse when the situation that occurs is a very bad one. The worst is that family just can’t prepare for the bad news because nobody can foresee what may happen.

However it’s true that there are some situations that may “prepare” us for the upcoming bad news so we can understand the impact that it may have on our lives. In this case, we can find a better solution to solve the problem. But it still doesn't change the fact that the most heartrending news are very difficult to assimilate. Today’s story is one of them.
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The story of this article starts with a hard blow that struck a woman who had all she dreamt about in her life: she had baby on the way, a wonderful partner and brilliant future ahead. Suddenly everything turned to a situation that makes you wonder how it's even possible and you keep asking yourself why life's so unfair.

One day, Kathryn William received the worst possible information. The love of her life died just a month before their daughter’s birth. They both were waiting for her with love and excitement. Her partner, Héctor Daniel Ferrer Álvarez who was 25 years old, died in a gunfire. However Kathlyn wished that her daughter could have some memories of her father that would last forever.
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She had this great idea of hiring a professional photographer Kim Stone, who made a wonderful capture that left thousands of people truely touched. Kim Stone affirmed that: “before starting the photo session, all this time I truly felt the necessity to pray”.

In that moment, she decided to use some personal belongings of her deceased partner to simulate the gesture of father holding the daughter in his hands. Suddenly something magical happened. Exactly at the moment when the baby was put in her father's gloves she started to smile, as if she knew that those were her father’s items.

That photograph made both the mother and the photographer cry like a baby. As Kathryn recalls, the father of the baby was a fan of motorbikes and he always drove with necessary care to be sure that he would be safe. He was doing it for his wife and their daughter.

Kim Stone shared the photo on Facebook with such description: “Her father loved his motorbike. He always wore protectors. He wanted to be sure that he will be alive. He couldn’t risk having a baby on the way. He won’t be able to hold her”.

“His life was taken by someone he considered a friend just a few months before she was born. It is said that angels speak to children when they smile in their sleep. Maybe it’s true”. The photograph touched thousands of souls all around the world. By the time, it has been shared more than 80 000 times and has got approximately 360 000 likes.

Maybe this will help Kathlyn in any way. Due to the fact that Kathlyn and Héctor didn’t get married, the government makes it difficult for the mother to receive any support in taking care of the baby. That’s why a campaign has been launched to collect money to help her.
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