Published 2018-07-27
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The funniest designs’ flaws that we have ever seen

There are people who seem to have chosen an engineering degree simply to pass the time, because, basically, when doing some work, when they asked for a relatively easy project, they did it terribly wrong. We are talking about those people who only had to do one thing well, but far from following the relevant orders, they were creating and developing designs that do not fulfill the desired function. In this article, you will see certain failures that did more harm than good to other people, don't miss it!

1. Would you drive this car?

2. Can it turn around?

3. The design ended up decapitating the child ...

4. A good way to avoid getting wet from the rain ...

5. They are not steps but a decoration

6. Snickers must be protected

7. Be careful when filling the plate, or it will fall all through the holes ...

8. Another bus design that made the woman look like an alien ...

9. It would be better not to go to this point of view ... Deceptive advertising!

10. This carpet seems to be infested with ants ...

11. The girl had a little bit of bad luck

12. Do you feel self-conscious about your feet? Now you can use these ultra modern sandals ...

13. This truck is not suitable for everyone

14. The instant shutdown button is dangerously close to the "enter"

15. What were the architects thinking?

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