Published 2018-07-30
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Horoscope for the week: July 30, 2018 - August 5, 2018

Aries - This week is conducive to cleaning up and settling accounts with the past

Trust your intuition, but keep away from people who are making intricate intrigues, stay away from them this week

Taurus - You will easily gain new friends if you do not follow prejudices in your encounters

At the weekend, you'll be happy to travel. Visiting a friend from another city will not only encourage gossip, but also interesting acquaintances

Gemini - At work, be careful and pay attention to the boss's moods. Various hidden conflicts and problems can suddenly come to light

At the weekend, it's good for you to go alone with your loved one

Cancer - At work you will find that you have the latest news or rumors and know the right people

You will have am amazing fairy tale. Enjoy it, but do not promise that you will change your whole life for this love

Leo - Someone will try to use your enthusiasm and a good heart to avoid difficult decisions or simply laze around

In case of serious misunderstandings, do not descend to the level of your opponents. Any improper service can turn against you

Virgo - Postpone tiring matters that require difficult decisions or serious conversations

You will spend more money on various pleasures and comfort. In love, you will become capricious

Libra - New ideas for getting more cash can turn out to be accurate and even groundbreaking for a career

At the weekend you will become calmer and sleepy, you will finally think about rest and relaxation

Scorpio - Things that have recently worried you will gradually come to light. Do not be lazy, because now it is worth it!

Only on the weekend you will find time for your loved one and reward negligence for the whole week

Sagittarius - You will be ruthless in enforcing the promises that someone has made to you in the past

At the weekend you will want a moment of rest, preferably away from everyday matters

Capricorn - The week is conducive to successful business and new propositions

This week, you will no longer be forgiving of your partner's mess and unreasonable ideas

Aquarius - Plenty of duties, interesting proposals and invitations for social gatherings will make time flow very quickly

At work, you can have the impression that you have to take care of everything. Do not hesitate to withdraw from things that are exhausting

Pisces - Even if you are in trouble, you will still feel happy with your life in this week

At work, you can easily get the recognition of people who have long felt your opinion

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