Published 2018-10-18
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What should be done first in these cases? The choice says a lot about our personality

Decision making is a very rooted aspect of most people's lives, especially when they become adults. As we grow and we make our way in different areas, each individual is forced to choose a certain path. However, many experts believe that the new generations will have a hard time managing their elections well, leading to a time of general change. Keep reading with us to learn more!

The reasons why a person could progress through life without hope and without desire can be varied, especially taking into account the few possibilities that many have today. But, the way in which each one faces the multiple adversities that arise in the daily becoming also speaks a lot about our emotional maturity. Not everyone has the same skills to deal with them in the same way.

There is no doubt that the temperament, disposition or concrete nature of an individual has much to do with decision making. The important thing is just to act and make decisions. And time will take care to let us know if it was the most successful or if it would have been better to opt for another option. However, in this sense, there are many people who remain at the stage of thinking whether to do or not do, instead of throwing themselves into the ring, as we would say vulgarly.

While some are not afraid to face the challenges, enjoying the risk that this entails, others are just the opposite. Definitely, the challenges are not for everyone. But, it's not that those who do not take risks are bad or anything like that. Simply this has to do with much deeper fears. The most common is usually the fear of failure. On the other hand, there are also those who experience the fear of making a fool of themselves, because they have worked too hard on their own image that they do not allow themselves to make any mistakes.

Some prefer to avoid any kind of change in their lives, and despite making mistakes, still choose to stay close to what is familiar, and that also includes their choices. Not everyone has the complete disposition to leave their so-called comfort zone. They have lived so long in such a way that everything new is disturbing and even frightening. That is why they decide to lead a life as similar as they have lived until then, and until the end.

Similarly, it should be noted that some have decided to learn from the past, perhaps because they may have made more mistakes and do not want to trip over the same stone again. But, at least those who learned the lesson in this way at some point decided to do so. Unfortunately, those who never throw themselves and take risks have no way of knowing what would have happened if they had done so.

In the case of the people who had to learn in too hard ways, there come times when they prefer to sit back and settle for what they have, aspiring to little in life or, in the case of having achieved what they want, to hold on to do everything possible. They are often referred to as conformists. But, in the opinion of some experts, many times what we call conformism is nothing other than full satisfaction.

The most interesting thing is that there are tests that reflect a daily situation and that can be used for the type of choice that each person would make, according to the private, social, loving, economic, etc, background of each one. What success in fullness may be for some, for many others, may result in conformism and excessive comfort. It should be noted that those who seek new challenges, new sites, etc. They can also enter the category of unhappy and insecure.

For example, it is to understand that a boy or girl who has had a bad time in love on more than one occasion will want to take some time before venturing back into a relationship, or may not even want to try again. It is normal to live a grieving process. Some are able to overcome a break much more quickly and easily than some others. The truth is that the most important thing is always to stay active and occupy our time effectively to avoid falling into depression.

Now, we would like to pass a quick and simple test that will also show the type of person you are according to what you would do in the first place, and as a scenario, it gives us a homelike and daily situation that, far from being impossible, could happen to you or in fact to anybody. The test you will see below tries to understand the importance of decision making according to the preferences of each one, to see how each act influences your daily life. Are you ready? Let's start!

The task is very simple: pay attention to the situation that you see in the image, which is quite complicated, and think about what you would do first: extinguish the flame that warms a kettle that is already whistling, answer the phone, calm the baby or, finally, force the dog to stop chewing the sofa. Once you have thought it through, we will go on to describe each proposed option. Do not put too much effort into making your decision, the first thing you think is the most important thing.

Put out the fire

In case you have thought about turning off the teapot in the first place, you are a person who is governed by the safest preferences of life, that is, "first things first", giving priority to each thing. You go to the fire because you think it is the most important thing to protect your home and your family since you know that if you neglect too much, a fire could occur, which would be much worse than everything else. Also, you make sure that everything is in order, therefore, in your home, everything occupies its pertinent place.

Answering the phone

You could also have chosen to answer the call out of fear or worry that the person might hang up, thinking that it might be something important. In that case, you do it because it is the least effort required, relatively. Usually, you consider yourself lazy, who likes to relax at home, so it does not bother you too much that others have to wait a bit if it is for comfort. In addition, you enjoy spending time with your friends and family, because you also value communication.

Calming the baby

Approaching the baby to see what happens and trying to calm him down could also be your priority since you consider that nothing is more important than your child, not even fire. In that case, you prove to be fairly responsible, able to make important decisions even without the help of others. When someone is at your side, you transmit a feeling of intense calm, especially because you do not usually abandon others when they have problems, but, without hesitation, you will try to help out as much as you can.

Scolding the dog

It is not uncommon that many people choose to go quickly to scold the dog before going to their other tasks because they can consider the sofa as a priority (we know and understand it too- nobody wants to have a broken and ugly sofa). So, you get carried away by the impulses, feeling irritated by the banalest things in life. Also, you pay attention to the image.

You also give great importance to order, so you do not accept disobedience in your home, that's why you go directly to the dog in the first place. Also, it should be noted that you greatly appreciate the silence, since you need it to achieve the peace and harmony that you long for in your daily life, another reason to make the dog stop biting the sofa.

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