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A hybrid between a human and gorilla born in India!

Many years ago appeared on Earth a certain Darwin, who said that all species, including humans, go through a process of evolution. As for the human being, our closest ancestor is the family of the apes, or mainly orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. The similarities are obvious and observable with the naked eye. Our physical qualities are very similar, with the main difference that we do not have as much hair as they do. During the process of development of our species, Homo sapiens have dispensed with it. However, the physical aspects are not the only nor the main ones that unite us. In a large percentage, our genetic make up are the same. From this information, we know that we are basically the same family.

If so, we can ask the following question: is it possible to create a being that is the mixture of two different species within the same family? Is it possible to create a being that is half human, half gorilla? If we share more than 85% of the genetic make up, it should be possible. At least from that theory, some scientists from India decided to try their luck. Check the story in the following pages of the article.
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Before we begin, there are two important things. The first is that since the development of the knowledge about genetics, humans have begun to play with the genetic material or DNA of different animals, trying to combine them to create new species. Thanks to these studies, we now have a phenomenon called "genetically modified products". Like any experiment, this can be good or bad. Ethical issues are something to keep in mind and this issue will also be addressed again in the article.

For years, for moral reasons, it was forbidden to do genetic experiments on humans, however, there are probably places where this takes place in an unofficial way. A very shocking report from the Indian University of Science in Bengaluru, Karnataka, announced that it has succeeded in creating a half human and half gorilla clone. They have called it "Hurilla" (from the combination of the words "human" and "gorilla" in English) and at 7 months of age it weighed more than 8 kilos and measured more than 60 centimeters in height.

Genetic experiments on humans were carried out discreetly since the 1980s in different countries of the world and it is not surprising that at one point in history it became successful. It was inevitable. It is said that the "Hurilla" will weigh approximately 120 kilos and will not exceed 1.8 meters. However, it is not the first case of a clone born from the combination of genetic materials. In the 90s of the last century, an experiment was closed which consisted of introducing human spermatozoa into the body of a female gorilla. This resulted in half human, half gorilla, however, it was subjected to euthanasia within 7 days of life.

Apes and humans have so much more in common than differences. We share 99% of the genetic material. We are equal from the point of genetics by 99% and we are differentiated by only ONE PERCENT. It used to be said that the difference between animals and humans was the possibility of using tools, but observations carried out years ago showed that gorillas are able to use them as well. Moreover, the apes also have a culture that continues from generation to generation. That makes them more advanced than we might think.
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The story does not end here. The "Hurilla" has undergone numerous scientific tests. A blood test revealed that the number of chromosomes was in between that of humans and gorillas. We have 46 chromosomes and they have 48. The "Hurilla" has 47 chromosomes, however only a few are human, the great majority belongs to the species of the gorillas. That is the reason why you can see in the images that the baby is much more like a gorilla than a human being.

Just as horses and mules can reproduce among themselves, tigers and lions, gorillas and humans can also breed and create a hybrid creature between these two species. Another of the scientific evidence that was submitted to the "Hurilla" showed that it is most likely that the creature is sterile, or can not produce offspring on its own.

You can say that this is very controversial and you are right, however, the world is full of "crazy scientists" who try to create hybrids of different species in laboratories scattered around the world. You are rarely going to hear about it because most scientists are afraid to publish their studies. Luckily for us, this university in India published their results.

As for the "Hurilla" it is expected to be much smarter than the ordinary human. It's going to be something like "super-intelligent" species. This is what scientists want and the only thing we can add is that we hope it does not go out of control, if it survives, of course. What do you think about these types of experiments? Does scientific advancement justify such practices, or are they simply immoral?
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