Published 2018-10-30
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Photos taken a second before a small tragedy

In modern times, almost all of us have a camera, so we take a significant amount of photos throughout the day, uploading them later to social networks. However, there are photographs that capture amazing stories that happen almost unexpectedly, and that once they are on the Internet, they go viral. Next, we have compiled a controversial gallery where the protagonists did not do as well as they expected. The pictures were captured moments before the disaster! Have you experienced a situation like this?

1. "I went to the Maldives with my friend but while he was swimming he had a small problem with a shark". However, it is most likely that his companion will not find any danger to survive, because of what the visual document shows, the shark belonged to the family of the Rhincodon typus, better known as whale sharks. These animals, which abound in waters of tropical climates, feed mainly on tiny particles arranged in large parts of the oceans, which we call plankton. In addition, it does not have teeth, because of its way of nourishing itself in a kind of water filtration…

2. We are sure that this individual was hurt when he came into contact with water. Maybe he wanted to make others laugh? This snapshot could belong to the annual championship of strange and painful jumps in the pool since the man was destined to fall on the liquid surface in the form of an "iron". Due to the speed with which he would be falling, and the large area of ​​his body that would come into contact with the water at the same time, the result would be similar to hitting a wall (the redness depends on the height of the jump).

3. The moment in which you prefer to protect your cell phone instead of your own life. This boy had committed several imprudences in a few seconds, something typical of young adolescents, but that never ceases to amaze when captured in a document. On the one hand and in some way, he was riding on a bicycle badly deteriorated, or if he could not explain that the wheel came off so easily. Also, he was "doing the little horse", that is, lifting the vehicle and driving with the back wheel, all while talking on the phone.

4. "My son caused a great concession to the family photographer by hitting it with a baseball." We have to be very careful when we take photographs and in our environment, there is some kind of mobile element that can threaten our security. Even more so if that element is in charge of an infant, who may not have total control over it. An artist wanted to portray a young man after throwing a ball with a bat, but the scene was almost obscured by the same ball that approached the other goal…

5. Not all moments are suitable for taking a selfie. You have to choose the most appropriate time! Almost in the same way as in the previous section, but from another point of view, a flying object was what endangered the man who generated the photo. In this case, some friends were playing to pass a rugby ball when one of them decided to take a picture. But it seems that his partner did not notice and passed him the ball as usual. The only thing we know about the later seconds is that at least the memory of the cell phone remained intact…

6. "The tragic fall of my cousin left her marked forever." Poor girl! We observe a scene that is repeated in several centers of numerous cities around the world. We talk about the artists who are dedicated to making amazing soap bubbles that earn the attention of the little ones. Therefore, every day hundreds of children play with these fantastic elements but run the risk of slipping because the floor is smeared with the liquid used in the bubbles.

7. "My son was very curious about the mix between mentos and Coca-Cola." He has learned his lesson! The two infants that we see in almost the center of the scene were carrying out an interesting experiment in which the two aforementioned products were mixed. They were not aware of the power of the resulting reaction, although his father, by the smile on his face, would surely predict what was going to happen. In addition, the children were responsible for putting the popular mentos candies, innocent subjects…

8. The father of these little ones abandoned them for the simple act of taking a selfie. However, to capture the exact moment of the fall and the possible rescue of the females by the other adult is something that very few artists get to achieve in their lives, and by the gesture of his face, it seems that everything happened by chance. The two young women were riding a small horse, helped by their father and uncle, respectively. However, when documenting his experience, everything became a real chaos.

9. We will never see this other plane of basketball live on television. In the NBA, as in many other elite sports leagues, things tend to happen very quickly, and because of that, events such as the one we see portrayed here can occur. While one player tried to reach the hoop to score the ball, another tried to stop his goal by whatever it is he is doing. However, and because the defender did not reach the ball, he was content to hit the attacker's face…

10. When it's the first time you play volleyball and you do not do it so well. This must have hurt! Caution is important in any type of sports discipline, because not only "contact sports" harbor a danger to our physical integrity. Especially those in which the ball makes us turn our attention upwards because that is the reason why we may not be aware of how close the other participants are to us. The young woman did not notice the poor boy's position…

11. If we spend many years without riding the bicycle, we will definitely forget. Although it does not look like it, the helmet is almost essential when it comes to riding in a vehicle of these characteristics, because we can reach high speeds and be dismissed in positions like the one we see in the image. However, it seems that the scene we include is rather a photo montage dedicated to illustrating the danger (which is still very real) of this kind of accidents…

12. The epic face of this woman at the moment she drops the dessert from the plate. It is an expression that many of the lovers of sweets would put to experience a similar event. And it seems that this nice girl's heart stopped as she watched her dessert escape to the ground. At what point did he make a sudden movement so that the piece of cake would vanish? It is a question that surely was asked for a long time. Has something similar happened to you?

13. "My husband thought he was light, but he was wrong to do the test with us." This man, with much hope and enthusiasm, threw himself into the arms of the bride and the bridesmaids to immortalize a funny moment, but it turned out to be funnier than he expected. Maybe he thought that his weight was not so exaggerated that three women could not handle him, but if that was what he had in mind, he was totally wrong. In the photo, we appreciate the end of his lamentable attempt.

14. "My friend always says that bad luck follows him everywhere." During a few days, military training was being offered to young people present in the High School of a US city, and the best place to offer the lessons was on the lawn near the football fields. However, one of the boys suffered a consequence of this decision, as one of the jets of water to irrigate that area was activated in his face.

15. This is very tragic, especially for beer lovers. This waiter was not very awake at the time of bringing the tray to the customers' table, and due to that, when resting his eyes for a few seconds, he lost his balance and everything went wrong. Thus we come to the end of our article, we hope that it has inspired you or at least entertained you. What do you think? Which document did you like the most? Tell us, we are interested in your opinion.

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