Published 2018-10-31
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Halloween fun facts we did not know!

There are few days left for the most frightening celebration of the year, "Halloween", or the day of the dead. A day in which many take the opportunity to visit their loved ones who have already left and of course to terrorize as many people better with their costumes. That's why we want to prepare you for this day with a complete article of dreadful costumes that will cost you your sleep... There are some fun facts about this one night that we have no idea about and we are here to tell you all about them!

Among all the states in the united states, there are only 6 that produce the pumpkin.

Jack-O-Lantern comes from an Irish folktale. About a man called Jack who would trick the devil constantly!

Jack in the folktale was walking around with a curved turnip so people used to grab turnip, potatoes, and beets.

Some people believe that the night watchman has inspired Jack-O-Lantern.

Pilgrims were the ones that started the black cat superstitions.

Before, there used to be some rituals to help ladies find their match on this day.

Women used to throw apple peels over their shoulders and the shape of that would be the first letter of their future husband’s name.

Kids back in 2017 were not fans of Tootsie Rolls.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were the most popular Halloween candy in 2017.

Trick-or-treating was used to be about giving soul cakes and asking for prayer in return.

Unlike now, people used to dance and sing to get treats.

Hocus Pocus was going to have a different name ‘Haloween House’.

Silly strings are banned in Hollywood on this day.

The estimation of the money parents spend on their kids in this day is 1$ billion.

One of the most produced Halloween candy is candy corn!

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