Published 2021-09-01
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Test: Choose the person you think is the smartest and test your personality!

We use this term almost daily when describing other people and even ourselves. But what exactly is a personality? In the simplest terms, it can be described as an internal system that integrates thoughts and feelings and a set of permanent, specific traits that influence human behavior in specific situations and circumstances. Psychology distinguishes between several personality types, the basic ones being for example introverted and extroverted, but there are also disordered personalities such as schizoid or psychotic.

Personality tests, as the name suggests, are designed to determine the type of a person's character and his or her behavioral mechanisms on the basis of the answers given, or to make certain decisions in a specific situation or task. They can be conducted at a specialist's office, as well as privately for your own needs and to learn something important about yourself. Therefore, today we present a test that will help you learn the secrets of your psyche…

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Often, psychological tests to determine what kind of personality a person has are based on making only a seemingly meaningless decision. Meanwhile, as we mentioned earlier, how we behave and what we decide says a lot about our psyche. Therefore, look at the picture below and choose the person you think is the smartest. Make your choice without deep thinking or analyzing. There are no right or wrong answers, just look and decide.

Ready? Now that the decision stage is over, it's time to find out what your choice says about your personality. The answer is No. 1, 2, 3, or 4...

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Number 1

If you have chosen the character in No. 1, who is just waiting to fall, it means that you are a person who gives up very often. You are unable or incapable of confronting problems, and you accept most awkward situations, even ones that shouldn't happen. You are an assertive person, trying to avoid disputes with people and confrontations at all costs. You prefer to remain quiet and in the shadows, avoiding situations that might focus attention on you or require action and change. However, you are very warm-hearted, honest, and humble.

Number 2

If you have chosen character number 2, you are kind and sympathetic, but you tend to make hasty decisions. You don't spend much time analyzing, deliberating, or determining the pros and cons, so you often make mistakes that could have been avoided if you had taken the time to at least think about them. This can also lead you to regret your choices. What's more, outsiders see you as stubborn.

Number 3

If you have chosen character number 3, it means that you are a principled person who steadfastly holds on to your cause. You don't give up easily, fighting for your cause fiercely, but wisely and fairly. Your personality can be described as business-minded, as you excel at being a boss, team leader, or another type of leader. With the ability to look at a problem from different perspectives, analyze it in different ways, and see the details, you usually choose the best solution.

Number 4

If you have chosen character number 4, it means that you are a rebel. You do not recognize the prevailing rules. In your zeal to defend your cause, however, you often back yourselves into a corner, often contradicting yourselves. You also tend not to think rationally, and are more of a dreamer. And although you are revolutionaries by nature, you are victims of your own decisions in battle.

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