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Scientists discover remains of the Titanic. See how it looks...

The Titanic has been the biggest tragedy of maritime history. It has been more than a century since the RMS Titanic had its dreadful end in the North Atlantic Ocean. After colliding with an iceberg during its voyage to New York, the USA from Southampton, England. It departed on April 10, 191, and met its ill-fated end on April 15, 1912.

Over the years, her tragedy has inspired several books, movies, and documentaries, and has and still making headlines concerning her discovery and many theories. The movie ‘A Night to Remember’ in 1958 was the first movie to make the tragic story famous. Later came the movie ‘Titanic’ which was the notable of them all since it won several awards and Oscars. You'll not believe some of the pictures
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The ship was built to be unsinkable, but clearly, that wasn’t the case since she claimed the life of more than 1,500 people. The work for the Titanic started in March 1909 and continued until the Spring of 1911. Some theories claim that the design of the ship had fatal flaws which made it obvious that it was doomed from the start.

The ship weighed 46,000 tons, 882 feet long, 175 feet in height, had nine decks, and 2,240 passengers and crew. The ship consisted of 20 boilers, 162 furnaces which burned 650 tons of coal in a day that generated 16,000 horsepower and had a top speed of 24 knots. It took 3,000 people to build her over a span of 3 years. The price of the tickets on the next page is unbelievable!

In those days the price of the tickets was quite expensive then, though it might not seem like it.
If we calculate it to the price of today it’s more expensive than ever! The first-class ticket cost $4,300 and third-class ticket cost $36. Today the ticket would cost approximately ₹7,061,872.24 and ₹59,122.96.

The ship was called a luxury liner for a reason. The passengers on board, especially the rich and reputed had a lot to do on board: swimming pool, gym, Turkish bath, photography dark room and three cigar rooms. And since it was a 7 day trip with thousands of people, they needed to be served meals too. A LOT OF FOOD.
The amount food they took on board was more than you could imagine, read on to find out more.

On board there were, 75,000 lbs of fresh meat, 15,000 bottles of beer, 40 tons of potatoes, 3,500 lbs of tomatoes, 7,000 heads of lettuce, 1,500 gallons of fresh milk, 40,000 fresh eggs, 3,500 lbs of onions, 800 bundles of asparagus, 800 lbs of tea, 36,000 of apples and oranges each. And it is believed that the last supper the first-class passengers had was an 11-course meal.

Unfortunately, the ship is far from what it was destined to be; the best, biggest, and most luxurious ship in the history of mankind. It is away from all that extravagance and glamor and it now it is nothing but a lost piece under the sea. The discovery of the wreck of the Titanic took awhile for it to be discovered from its sunken place. The SOS message sent from Titanic is on the next page!

On September 1, 1985, a group of scientists led by Robert Ballard, first found the ruins after years of searching. Ballard told TIME magazine the very same month that the ocean protected and kept it as “museum piece.” Even if it had succumbed to rust because of the constant exposure to sea-water, it was still possible to make out what the ship looked like.

Now, not only has it become a part of the ocean, but it’s also a home to several marine creatures and animals under the ocean. The luxury the ship was first known for has slowly faded away over the years. Maybe the grandeur and fame of the ship were meant to be part of a much bigger body than just above the ocean, but it first had to claim the lives of thousands in just a few hours. How do you feel about after seeing the remains of the ship? Have you seen the movie A Night to Remember (1958) about the Titanic?
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